"This kid is the better prospect": Colin Cowherd believes LeBron James' younger son Bryce is more talented than Bronny

LeBron James
LeBron James' sons Bryce and Bronny

As much as Bronny James is compared to his father, LeBron James, he is also pitted against his younger brother, Bryce. The two shared the court during high school in Sierra Canyon and on tournaments like the Axe Euro Tour for the California Basketball Club.

While the opinion is divided on which James brother is the better basketball player, Colin Cowherd picked his favorite on his show, "The Herd." When discussing Bronny James' draft and the possibilities of LeBron leaving LA for his son's team, Colin said:

"He's still got another kid in high school basketball in LA, and this kid is the better prospect." (Timestamp: 1:20.)

However, Sporting News, in its assessment, said Bronny James is a better NBA prospect now:

"Bryce is not the level of athlete of Bronny but has better NBA size. It has taken him a while to grow into his body. Between the two brothers, Bronny is still the better NBA prospect. Bryce may have a higher ceiling if he can continue to develop his skills, but he has a ways to go in order to catch up."

Bronny James' agent says the focus is not on him playing with his father, LeBron

Rich Paul told ESPN on Wednesday that his client Bronny James intends to stay in the NBA draft, forgoing his college eligibility. James is a predicted No. 54 pick, per ESPN draft expert Jonathan Givony.

Paul also explained the guard's goals for the draft, adding that the aim is not to ensure that he lands on the same team as his father. LeBron James has expressed his wishes to play with his son, and many speculate that this could be a motive for teams to pick the elder James brother.

"The Lakers need to look at Bronny like everyone else," Paul said. "If they value him enough and he's there, that's great. If it's not the Lakers, that's great. I won't be mad if it's not.
"It's obvious that people hear the conversation around the dad and son playing together, but that's not our focus. If it happens organically, great. I'm not building on that. It only takes one team. I don't care where that team is — it can be No. 1 or 58 — (but) I do care about the plan, the development."

Rich Paul also said Bronny James will not sign a two-way contract, playing for a G League team before moving to the NBA.

The 2024 NBA draft is scheduled for June 26-27 in New York.

What do you think are Bronny James' prospects in the NBA? Let us know in the comment section below.

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