WATCH: Cavinder twins guess each other's favorite food, places and more in latest IG video

Haley Cavinder and Hanna Cavinder
Haley Cavinder and Hanna Cavinder

The Cavinder twins uploaded a fun Instagram video where they participated in the "How well do you know each other" challenge in which they had to correctly guess each other's favorite food, animal, and place.

Haley and Hanna Cavinder decided to wear headphones while one of them answered the questions. The first question was about which food the sisters liked. Hanna said that she likes chips and salsa, guacamole, calamari, and sushi. Haley's answer to the question was similar, as she also liked chips with salsa and guessed that her sister liked seafood.

Both of their favorite animals were dogs, especially their pet dog, Harvey. Unfortunately, the video cut out before they shared their favorite place.

But based on how they did in the first two questions, it is safe to say that these twin sisters know each other pretty well.

Cavinder twins have been making significant moves

Haley and Hanna Cavinder are known for their successful social media presence and for securing lucrative NIL deals. The two are often seen working out and carrying out online fitness challenges for their fans to take part in. It is this passion for health and fitness that led them to create their own app called "Twogether."

The app was launched on May 13 and includes various types of workouts catered to people of different needs. It also includes recipes for easy, protein-rich meals.

Apart from announcing the launch of their app, the Cavinder twins collaborated with Hustle Beauty to promote clean and vegan beauty products.

The Cavinder twins are returning for their fifth and final year of college basketball. Both of them will play for the Miami Hurricanes and will aim to help the team win a national championship. Both of them took a break from playing because they wanted to focus on building their personal brand and also venture into other business opportunities.

But their return was met with positive reactions from many fans who are excited to see them on the hard floor. Are you ready to watch the Cavinder twins hoop with the Canes? Let us know your thoughts in the discussion box.

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Edited by Brad Taningco
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