5 things to expect from upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 gameplay ft. run game and others

Credits: EA Sports College Football 25 Instagram
Credits — Instagram: @easportscollege

The release of EA Sports College Football 25 is inching closer by the day. With the highly anticipated game set to release on July 19, fans of the franchise are being constantly updated about what they can expect after over a decade of hiatus.

A few content creators and college football journalists got the chance to have a firsthand experience with the game at the publisher's office in Orlando.

With fans expected to witness some gameplay in the next few hours, here are the 5 things you can expect from the upcoming addition to the beloved franchise.

5 things to expect from EA Sports College Football 25 gameplay

No. 1 Age and experience will matter in-game

One of the frequently discussed aspects of EA Sports College Football 25 is that the experience and maturity of a player will matter in-game on the field. This is to bring forth a sense of realism where inexperienced players will be affected more by crazy college atmospheres and away games.

With some of these players being 18 years of age, the gamer will have the feeling that these freshmen are facing pressure during critical and crucial games against rivals. Apart from this, the home-field advantage will be much more noticeable than it is in Madden.

No. 2 The effect of wear and tear in EA Sports College Football 25 is real

Unlike Madden, there will be no X-factors associated with the players. This means that each player will have a certain set of physical and mental abilities and will experience fatigue if you keep running the same player in the field.

This adds another dimension of realism, where you will have to carefully strategize which plays you will make to avoid the risk of injuring your important players. If a player wears down to a critical state, then the chance of sustaining an injury increases.

No. 3 The run game and kicking controls are different from its predecessors

Unlike NCAA 14, EA Sports College Football 25 will give gamers more control over the schemes and run games they will utilize on the field. For a successful run game, you will have to assign a sensible man-blocking and zone-blocking scheme to ensure that you can successfully convert your play in the game.

Apart from this, the kicking controls in EA CFB 25 have also been refined, where a player will now have to control the power and accuracy of a punt. There is a new meter with a ball rock on both sides and you will have to adjust according to your need. If your power on the punt reaches the red zone in the meter, then it will affect the accuracy of your punt.

No. 4 The option game is different in EA Sports College Football 25

The option game has undergone a massive revamp as well. Back in NCAA 14, you had to hit a button for a ball handoff. In EA Sports College Football 25, the choice of tapping or holding the button will determine whether the pass will be a floater or a rocket.

Furthermore, hitting a button will now pull the ball instead of handing it off. Playing as a quarterback in CFB 25, you will now have different layers to your game and the type of schematic you wish to run on the field.

No. 5 The game is not a reskin of Madden

Another concern that fans had with the rebirth of the series was the fear of it being a reskinned Madden. However, that is not the case, according to the people who got the chance to experience the gameplay firsthand.

One of the major distinctions was the playbook. EA Sports College Football 25 boasts 134 different playbooks, which run as a part of 10 offensive styles in the game. Thus, gamers will have the option to run their preferred playbook with their preferred teams.

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