“I’m still a dad” - $45 million-worth Deion Sanders once had hilarious reaction to hearing son Shilo Sanders cussing during practice

Colorado v Arizona State
Coach Deion Sanders of the Colorado Buffaloes

Deion Sanders, the College Football Hall of Famer, once had a hilarious reaction to hearing his son, Shilo Sanders, cussing during practice. There's a video on YouTube called "Deion Sanders catches Shilo Sanders cursing after a big hit" that shows the incident.

The short clip surfaced online last season, during mock drills by the Colorado Buffaloes on the gridiron. Coach Prime caught his son Shilo cussing after a big hit and said:

“Shilo, I heard you cussing,” Deion said. “I’m still a dad.”

When facing the camera, the football safety for the Buffaloes, instantly felt guilty and said:

“Dang, my dad heard me cuss today,” Shilo said. “He doesn't know that I say bad words when I'm on the field.”

In October, Shilo was sent off in the first half of Colorado's clash with UCLA for a targeting foul.

The Colorado defender hit Carsen Ryan hard after the UCLA tight end caught a pass from Ethan Garbers. Sanders seemed to use his shoulder, but the officials flagged him for targeting.

Sanders celebrated the hit, but the call was confirmed after a review. Colorado got a 15-yard penalty and lost Shilo Sanders for the game.

Shilo Sanders' speed needs work

Safety Shilo Sanders of the Colorado Buffaloes.
Safety Shilo Sanders of the Colorado Buffaloes.

Shilo and the Buffs had a challenging offseason last year due to the new coach and players who had to adjust to the team.

Additionally, Sanders joined the team late after graduating from Jackson State. Unfortunately, the team only won four games in 2023, so they needed to create a new culture, change things and raise the bar.

According to an NFC West NFL assistant coach, Sanders is a hard-hitting player but needs to watch his head and isn't very fast. Sanders is working on improving his speed and strength. While he may not be a top safety for the 2025 NFL Draft, he could improve as the season progresses, reports added.

With Deion Sanders, who is worth $45 million (per Yahoo), the program is looking to beat the odds and dominate in the upcoming season.

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