"It popped up on my phone, Jim Harbaugh to Chargers": Sherrone Moore reveals "humbling experience" taking over Michigan's top job

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Sherrone Moore reveals "humbling experience" taking over Michigan's top job

Jim Harbaugh was the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines from 2015 to 2023, and led his alma mater to a national championship in his last year with the team. After winning the national title, Harbaugh left the Wolverines and became the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.

In the aftermath of Harbaugh's departure, Michigan hired Sherrone Moore to become the new head coach and he said it was a humbling experience when he found out.

“Well, I was in the Houston airport heading to Dallas — recruiting — and I just talked to Coach probably like three hours before that. He was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know what’s gonna happen," Moore said to ON3. "I think it could happen soon, it could happen in a day, it could happen tomorrow, it could happen next week.’ And I was like, ‘OK, it’s gonna happen at some point. I just gotta be ready.’ I saw it. I was going through TSA, and it popped up on my phone — ’Jim Harbaugh to the Chargers.’
"And that second, my phone — text messages, calls, text messages calls. Our AD, our assistant AD — ’hey you gotta come back right now.’ So I do the interview that next day and got the job on Saturday. Press conference, was on the road recruiting on Monday, and that was it. It was a humbling experience.”

Moore was the logical choice for the job as he had already coached one game that Harbaugh had to sit out last year; a game which the Wolverines won.

Sherrone Moore feels 'honored' to replace Jim Harbaugh

Sherrone Moore signed a five-year, $27.5 million contract to become the new head coach of the Wolverines after Jim Harbaugh went to the NFL.

After the hiring of Moore, Wolverines players and fans seemed to agree that it was a good decision. This positive reception has made Moore feel honored.

“I felt honored. I felt that all the hard work that I put in with the team and these players had come to fruition. It was something that you can’t really describe, but just very humbled to have Wolverine nation, all the people, all the players, coaches, you and some media that said, ‘Hey, he should be the head coach at Michigan.’"

Michigan will open the 2024 season at home on August 31 against Fresno State.

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