Kirk Herbstreit on Big Ten coach amid firing rumors: "He definitely has a Michigan problem"

Ohio State coach and analyst Kirk Herbstreit
Ohio State coach and analyst Kirk Herbstreit

Ohio State coach Ryan Day lost his third straight game to Michigan, dropping him to 1-3 against the Wolverines and putting his future in Columbus in jeopardy due to the importance of 'The Game' to both fanbases.

Day has an incredible record, 55-4 against the rest of his opponents, but a woeful 1-3 against Michigan. On "Pardon My Take," former OSU quarterback and popular ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit gave his take on Day.

“I think there’s two things that can be true here,” Herbstreit said. “Number one … I wouldn’t even consider even talking about firing Ryan Day, like I wouldn’t. Number two, he definitely has a Michigan problem.”

What analysts think of Ryan Day's Michigan problem

Analysts have had different reactions to Day losing 'The Game' again, with some pointing to his incredible winning record while some swear by the results against the Wolverines as the real indicators of his tenure.

Former Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer won seven straight games against the Michigan Wolverines as the Buckeyes coch. Day's current predicament is alien to him.

After the latest loss to Michigan, Meyer gave his view on Day's job security on the Fox broadcast after the latter dropped a third straight game to the Buckeyes' bitter rivals.

"No, (Ryan Day) is not under fire," said Meyer. "As far as job security, no, he's not. Reality is, is he under fire? Yeah, he is. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, and he's the Ohio State head football coach."
"And that's real. You just feel for the families. You feel for Ryan Day's family. But it's a big-boy business. He's a big boy. He'll handle it, come back, and you know what, go back in January, get back to work, find a way to beat the Wolverines. That's the whole focus," he added.

On "The Matt Barrie Show," ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum gave his opinion about Ryan Day as well:

"I think he's got a real problem," Finebaum said. "I don't like the path ahead. ... I think he's a very good coach. But you can't lose that game. That speaks for itself. ... I'd get out of there, while you can."

Whatever he decides to do, Ryan Day knows that he's on thin ice with Ohio State fans. It doesn't help his case that he has to wait a whole year to exact his revenge on Michigan with the brewing toxicity behind him.

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