Watch: Steve Sarkisian’s wife Loreal Sarkisian shows off stunning Louis Vuitton bag worth $9,000 via latest IG story

Loreal Sarkisian, Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian's wife Loreal Sarkisian showed off a luxury bag on social media. (Instagram/ Loreal Sarkisian)

Steve Sarkisian's wife Loreal Sarkisian took to Instagram to show off a stunning new Louis Vuitton bag. She was seen sitting on a rooftop place, quietly enjoying a bag of chips. A Louis Vuitton clutch box worth $9,000, according to the brand website, was sitting in front of her on the table.

Loreal is known for her fashion statements in the college football world, showing off new styles in every Texas game. In the offseason, her public and social media appearances have elements of experiments with styles.

The latest glimpse was offered by her Instagram story showing a probable night out in the run-up to the start of the season this fall.

Here is the snippet of the Texas Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian's wife Loreal Sarkisian showing off her Louis Vuitton clutch box bag.

Loreal regularly updates the fans with new styles, be it dresses or accessories like bags and jewelry. The celebrity stylist is a sort of an influencer on social media, who commands a strong 118,000+ Instagram followers.

Back in April, when the Texas Football program hosted the annual Spring game in Austin, Loreal Sarkisian was in a conundrum. She had no clue as to what she would wear to the game. The college football fashion icon admitted it to her Instagram followers through a social media post.

The Longhorns' first lady is a big backer of the squad and is regularly seen attending games and program events. As Steve Sarkisian's boys get ready for life in the SEC, Loreal will surely bring a new element of style to the conference.

Loreal Sarkisian's hiatus from social media

Recently, Loreal took a break from social media after sustaining a chemical burn in her eye. She updated the fans about it but did not reveal what caused the injury.

"I promise I'm not ignoring my calls and texts, it's just better for me to have my eyes close as it heals. ... Heck, writing all of this was a task," she wrote in one of her stories.

Loreal Sarkisian also shared a picture of her eye scan for the fans to see. The scan showed the part of the eye that was injured due to the burn as the reason remained undisclosed. She is back on social media now, so it seems all is well with her.

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