Dark Matter: Release date, cast, plot, and everything we know so far

Dark Matter release date and cast (Image via Apple TV)
Dark Matter release date and cast (Image via Apple TV)

Blake Crouch’s sci-fi thriller fiction book, Dark Matter, was announced to inspire a live-action series in December 2020. However, the confirmation of the series was still hanging in the balance until March 2022, when Apple TV ordered the series and also revealed Joel Edgerton would star in it.

It was already revealed after the initial announcement that Crouch would not only be penning the scripts but also serve as the showrunner. He is also the series's executive producer alongside Edgerton, Matt Tolmach, and David Manpearl.

The filming began in Chicago on October 4, 2022, and was wrapped up in April 2023. Dark Matter is set to make its worldwide debut on May 8, 2024. Follow along with the article to learn more

Dark Matter will be released on May 8, 2024, on Apple TV+


As mentioned above, Dark Matter is scheduled to be released on May 8, 2024, with each episode dropping on Wednesdays. The sci-fi thriller will have a double-header debut. As unveiled, the series will have an eight-episode run from May 8 to June 19. The estimated duration for which each episode will run is yet to be made public.

Jakob Verbruggen will direct the first three episodes, while the other five will be helmed by Logan George & Celine Held, Alik Sakharov, and Roxann Dawson. Acclaimed screenwriters, including Jacquelyn Ben-Zekry, Ihuoma Ofordire, and Megan McDonnell, will join Crouch for the final four episodes. The eight-episode sci-fi thriller will be streamed exclusively on Apple TV+.

Cast and characters

Below is the complete list of cast in Dark Matter and their characters:

  • Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen
  • Jennifer Connelly as Daniela Dessen
  • Alice Braga as Amanda
  • Jimmi Simpson as Ryan
  • Oakes Fegley as Charlie Dessen
  • Dayo Okeniyi as Leighton
  • Amanda Brugel as Blaire

Everything to know about the original novel

Blake Crouch’s thriller sci-fi novel, Dark Matter, was first published in July 2016 by Crown Publishing Group. Before beginning with the book, Crouch had a lot of brainstorming sessions alongside the American author Marcus Sakey, who is known for The Blade Itself, Good People, The Breathing, Brilliance Trilogy, and more.

Crouch decided to choose Chicago as a more fitting set for his storyline, partly due to sentimentality but also because of the location encompassing beautiful landmarks, skyline, lakes, and more. Regarding the title of his book, Crouch explained that he decided to go with Dark Matter, the hypothetical form of matter, due to the mystery surrounding it.

The title of his book signifies that there is more beneath the surface that one cannot see. One of the sole reasons behind Crouch’s interest in quantum mechanics was an article that he read in Scientific American, a popular science magazine that featured 150 Nobel Prize winners, including Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

Crouch further learned about subatomic particles existing in quantum superposition through a demonstration by an experimental quantum physicist, Aaron D. O’Connell.

Given microscopic particles occupy multiple realities, Crouch hypothesized about a device that could make a human being exist in superposition as well. Crouch’s novel was nominated for World Technology Awards in 2016.

Plot summary

Dark Matter follows Jason Dessen, a physicist who is kidnapped and wakes up in an alternate version of Chicago, where he makes different life choices. Jessen discovers a device that is capable of letting people travel between parallel worlds or alternate realities. He gets held by a group of scientists who learn that Jessen is from another world parallel to theirs.

The scientists help Jessen to navigate the device and return to his world. However, there, he confronts his doppelganger or his alternate self with evil intentions, with whom he fights to protect his real family.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on Dark Matter as 2024 progresses.

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