DC announces live-action 'Wonder Twins' movie: All about their powers and comic origin

Wonder Twins in the comics (Image via DC)
Wonder Twins in the comics (Image via DC)

On February 14, Warner Bros. and Detective Comics announced that the studio has greenlighted a live-action movie, set on the Wonder Twins. The film will be part of the DCEU and is currently under development for a release on HBO Max.

As per the press release from DC Comics, the project will be directed by Adam Sztykiel, who will also write the film's script. Sztykiel has previously written screenplays for movies like Due Date, Rampage and, more recently, the upcoming DCEU film Black Adam.

The movie is expected to target teens and young adults and will be the second live-action appearance for the alien twins after a small cameo in Smallville.

Wonder Twins' origins in the comics

The Wonder Twins, aka Jayna and Zan, are aliens from the planet Exxor, who debuted in the 1977 cartoon series, The All-New Super Friends Hour. They were later brought into the primary DC comics universe in Ivan Velez Jr and Al Rio's Extreme Justice #9 comic issue.

After escaping the reign of an extraterrestrial master, the twins came to Earth. Following their bout with the Justice League over their unintentional nuisance on the planet, Jayna and Zan were freed by the group. In later issues, the siblings joined Captain Atom's team.

However, the Wonder Twins have multiple versions of their origin stories. In 2017's Superpowers, they reportedly came from an alternate earth. Meanwhile, 2019's Wonder Twins Vol 1, by Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne, stated that the siblings were sent to Earth by their father, who sent them there under his friend, Superman's guidance.

As of now, it is unknown which iteration of their origin stories will be adapted for the upcoming HBO Max film.

Powers of the Wonder Twins


The twins have a very unusual set of powers which was initially deemed whimsical by some readers of the original comic. Zan can use his powers to transform into any form of water and can even metamorphose into complicated objects in his ice-form.

He can also become an intrinsic piece of machineries, as showcased in Super Friends' episode seven from season one.

Meanwhile, Jayna can transfigure into any animal. Her transformation is only limited by her imagination, as she has to speak the common name of the animals while transforming. This is the same for Zan, who has to verbally express the form of water he wants to transform into.


However, the siblings have certain limitations to their abilities, including fist-bumping each other while verbally saying the phrase "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!"

Furthermore, the twins would have to be in physical contact as the metamorphosis occurs. This can be mitigated by utilizing their sidekick, a monkey named Gleek, who can channel their powers through his tail.

The twins can also sense when the other is in danger and nullify mind control once their powers are activated.

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