DC Comics hints at a Justice League led by Thomas Wayne in 'Flashpoint Beyond': Exploring details of the mini-comic series

Flashpoint Beyond #0 came out on April 5 (Image via DC)
Flashpoint Beyond #0 came out on April 5 (Image via DC)

Flashpoint Beyond brings DC and Watchmen together, forming a unique world and setting. It is a six-issue mini-comic series that showcases Thomas Wayne's Batman instead of Bruce Wayne's. It also focuses on how Thomas discovers his home world's existence, which he thought had been demolished.

In the meantime, he runs into Mime and Marionette, characters from the DC comic series, Doomsday Clock- a sequel to Watchmen. Flashpoint Beyond unites several fan-favorite characters from the DC Omniverse, and it will be interesting to see what the series has to offer in terms of a cohesive story.

Go back to the world that changed everything. Discover the mystery awaiting Thomas Wayne in FLASHPOINT BEYOND:

Exploring a dark timeline in 'Flashpoint Beyond'

Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Eduardo Risso, this series does not feature Flash as the central character of the storyline. instead, the the focus is on a Batman or Thomas Wayne. For those new to the series, Thomas is Bruce Wayne's father. There is a chance that the story might take a dark and devious turn.

Enter captThe comic shows a different Justice League (Image via DC)ion
Enter captThe comic shows a different Justice League (Image via DC)ion

Towards the beginning of this year, DC made it official that the Flashpoint universe would be back with an even darker concept. The Flashpoint universe was primarily based on The Flash who has traveled to the several timelines in the past without messing up the time flow. However, the one time Barry does lose control over himself and tries to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash, he changes the timeline and everything in his universe is altered.

The Flashpoint Beyond begins with Thomas Wayne waking up in a world that has been destroyed. Now, he has to find out the mystery behind the world's resurrection.

Preview of the mini-comic book series (Image via DC)
Preview of the mini-comic book series (Image via DC)

Speaking about his collaboration with artist Eduardo Risso and his experience working on this mini-series, writer Geoff Johns said:

"Collaborating with Eduardo has been a dream my entire career. The chance to work on a story with such an iconic and legendary artist, centered around the troubled Thomas Wayne, made returning to the world of Flashpoint and its vengeful Batman special. Our goal was to create an event that's every bit as emotional as it is epic, not only revealing the how's and why's of Thomas Wayne's returning timeline but what it means to the past, present, and future of Bruce Wayne and DC. We hope readers enjoy the ride."

The Flashpoint Beyond #0 has just released on April 5. The series is set to get five more installments, with one issue releasing every two weeks.

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