DC drops trailer for Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend featuring an uplifting take on her backstory

The Mistress of Magic (Image via DC Comics)
The Mistress of Magic (Image via DC Comics)

Zatanna is returning to DC in an all-new avatar. The comic book studio recently dropped a trailer for Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend, a vibrant graphic novel that reimagines the sorceress supreme as a cute, fun-loving young adult.

The trailer showcases the creators of the graphic novel, an all-female team. The Casquette Girls and The Romeo Catchers author Alys Arden is the writer of the comic while Jacquelin de Leon’s flamboyant yet vivid artwork fills Zatanna's character design with zest and charm.


The mistress of magic is described by writer Alys Arden as "deeply moody" and "introspective," but also "thoughtful" and "loving." In the trailer, Alys stated that:

"In our story, Zatanna's quite content to stay in the shadows -- or behind the camera, so to speak. But it's a magical origin story and as Zatanna starts coming to her magic, she's also going to have to step into the limelight."

Zatanna Zatara's story gets a colorful reinterpretation

Magic and mystery will be revealed in ZATANNA: THE JEWEL OF GRAVESEND by @AlysArden and #ZatannaJewelOfGravesend

Young adults have always been the primary target audience of comic book companies. The generation has to deal with schools and colleges, new relationships, friendships, and betrayals which can be quite overwhelming. The magical panels of comic books provide solace to weary young minds.

Creators at DC comics understand the crisis of young adults and have given a new twist to the old character fans can relate to. DC revealed the first look of the solo comic book starring sorceress Zatara, which readers were desperately waiting for.

A resident of the Big Apple, Zatara is different from a typical New Yorker. She has a giant pet rabbit who she walks with a leash on the boardwalk. She stays in a gargantuan house known as the golden elephant, and everything about her is out of the box.

Twitter cut off my ig post so I’m reposting: @DCComics just announced! I’m illustrating the graphic novel Zatanna: the Jewel of Gravesend written by @AlysArden 😱✨🎉🎊

She is a loving friend and and confused individual figuring out her life. However, things drastically change when she learns about her family's magical legacy. The mysterious jewel of Gravesend will change her life forever.

The sorceress supreme's story is incomplete without her loving father Giovanni John Zatara, who is a master magician. The novel narrates the story of a daughter learning the tricks of magic and life from her beloved father.

“Life is tricky, baby. Stay in your magic.”Art: Jacquelin de Leon #amethyst #goodenergy #blooms

Zatanna Zatara is a fan favorite DC superhero created in 1964 by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. A stage magician-turned-protector of the magical realm, Zatara’s character has always revolved around the supernatural with dark undertones. The new graphic novel provides a colorful perspective that will resonate with young adults.

The Jewel of Gravesend was announced by DC way back in September 2020. Scheduled for release on April 13, 2021, the novel faced delay and is now set to hit the stands on July 26, 2022.

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