DC explores the death of Justice League in upcoming comic

The Death of Justice League (Image via DC Comics)
The Death of Justice League (Image via DC Comics)

The Justice League is going to die. They are being killed off. Not even in an Elseworlds story, but in the main DC continuity. When has that ever happened? It's pretty crazy, but that's what makes this so interesting. The biggest and most popular team of superheroes is going to die, and that also in the main continuity.

Written by Joshua Williamson and with art by Rafa Sandoval, the event will take place in Justice League #75. Right in time for The Death of Superman's 30th anniversary, the comic aims to lead into a huge DC event that's said to reshape everything. With that being said, let's explore the details of Justice League #75, which is titled The Death of Justice League.

Exploring the death of Justice League ahead of the explosive upcoming issue

As previously mentioned, the death of DC's most iconic team is set to coincide with the 30th anniversary of The Death of Superman. The entirety of the team will die, so if you think that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are safe, then better dial those expectations back because there's a high chance that they might not survive.

Death of the Justice League arrives this Tuesday! The path to DARK CRISIS begins with JUSTICE LEAGUE #75—here's a look inside.

So who exactly is killing the league? The answer is right in front of our eyes as Justice Incarnate, written by Joshua Williamson, features the supervillain team The Dark Army. The team consists of Doomsday, Darkseid, and the Empty Hand. The team itself seems pretty formidable, and they can take down the league together.

The league itself is set to die in the upcoming 75th issue. The issue will then lead into the upcoming DC event Dark Crisis, which is another big event that will reshape the DCU in a big way. But the question begs if the Dark Crisis event will mean anything going forward? And the answer is, yes, that it will.

Like every other huge DC event before it, the comic will tell its own story while still impacting the wider DC Universe. It will truly leave a lasting impact on the DC Universe and have significant implications on stories going forward.

You're a real one if you got this Death of the Justice League cover

The Dark Crisis event itself will begin with an #0 on May 7 with a sleuth of writers attached to it. Dark Crisis itself will be packaged in a seven-issue series with Williamson and Sampere attached to it.

The creators here have described the project as a love letter to the DC universe and are actively working on making this event quite special. Not only that, but Williamson himself has stated that the idea for Dark Crisis was inspired by The Death of Superman storyline and has been 30 years in the making.

With a name like Dark Crisis, it's pulling from events like Crisis on Infinite Earths and more. While not much is known about this event, one thing is for sure, this will be the Justice League's most difficult fight yet.

The death of these iconic DC superheroes will surely shake up the DC Universe and set it down in a dark future. Justice League #75 releases on April 26, 2022.

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