Invincible creator teases new villain for season 2

Invincible creator Robert Kirkman talks about Season 2 villain Angstrom Levy (Images via Amazon Prime Video/Image Comics)
Invincible creator Robert Kirkman talks about season 2 villain Angstrom Levy (Images via Amazon Prime Video/Image Comics)

As fans wait for the second season of Invincible to drop in late 2023, Robert Kirkman, the creator of the show and the comic book series, recently teased the arrival of the antagonist for the upcoming installment. Kirkman revealed some details regarding the villain, Angstrom Levy, in a recent interview with Inverse.

Fans of the comic book series will know Levy as the inter-dimensional travelling villain who had introduced the multiverse to Mark Grayson (Invincible) and his allies. Levy caused all sorts of trouble for the hero in both his personal and professional life.

Speaking to Inverse, Kirkman detailed how a significant portion of the upcoming second season would center around Angstrom Levy and his conflict with Mark.

"He'll be a new villain that comes into the series. And if you've read the comics, you're aware of who he is and what his deal is. He's a villain that has access to multiple dimensions, and so it's another one of those dang multiverse things."

However, Kirkman also cautioned that fans of the comic series should not expect Angstrom Levy's story to play out exactly like in the comics. The second season, as per the creator of the show, would deviate from the source material and add a uniqueness to the multiversal villain's story.

Who is Angstrom Levy in Invincible? Explained


In the Invincible comic books, Angstrom Levy first appeared in Vol. 4 Issue #16, where he was depicted as a brilliant scientist, who had the power to travel between universes and shift matter between various dimensions. He also hailed from an alternate universe parallel to the one in which the series primarily takes place.

In his universe, Mark Grayson joined his father Omni-Man (Nolan Grayson) and helped him take over Earth for the Viltrumite Empire, unlike in the prime universe, where the former fought the latter to prevent him from taking control of Earth.

Levy, seeking to stop his universe's Invincible, travelled between various dimensions to find and recruit alternate versions of himself to help him in his crusade. Following this, he travelled to the prime universe, in which the series takes place, and encountered the Mauler Twins, whom he freed from prison. He then requested their aid to build a machine to allow him to gain the memories of his alternate universe counterparts.

However, Angstrom Levy soon had a drastic confrontation with Invincible, while he was in the process of receiving the knowledge possessed by his alternate counterparts. The confrontation ended with an accident, where his brain was overloaded with memories of his alternate counterparts, and he suffered a mutation due to which his head grew abnormally large.

Additionally, the mutation made Angstrom Levy's brain tissues visible and also gave him distorted memories of his accident. The villain then blamed Invincible for his mutation and from then on plotted his revenge on the hero multiple times.

Levy then concocted various schemes to get back at Invincible. All of his schemes involved multiversal travel. Interestingly, at one point in the comics, Levy, during a battle with Invincible, temporarily banished him to the Marvel and DC Universes, which resulted in the hero meeting the likes of Spider-Man, Batman, and the Avengers.

Invincible season 2: What to expect?

At the moment, aside from information shared by Robert Kirkman regarding Angstrom Levy's depiction in season 2, nothing else is known regarding Mark Grayson's upcoming adventures in the second season. However, if fans were to go by the comics, several possible storylines could take place.

One storyline could involve Mark looking for his father Nolan/Omni-Man, after the latter had left Earth in the first season finale. In the process, he could encounter his younger half-brother Oliver Grayson, who becomes the hero Kid Omni-Man and later Young Omni-Man in the comics. On top of this, Mark could also learn more about Nolan's home planet, Viltrum, and their malevolent practices.

Another storyline, which is very likely to take place, is Mark beginning to work with Cecil Stedman and the U.S government in handling various supervillains and otherworldly disasters, given how this storyline was teased in the first season finale.

Yet another storyline that could develop in the upcoming installment, is Mark and Atom Eve slowly realizing their feelings for each other, given how this was also teased in the fifth episode of the first season. This will, no doubt, complicate the relationship between Mark and his current girlfriend Amber Bennett.

All episodes of Invincible's first season are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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