Justice League #75 - The Death of Justice League review: DC's iconic team dies in the most un-shocking way possible

The Death of Justice League (Image via DC Comics)
The Death of Justice League (Image via DC Comics)

Justice League #75 is finally upon us and it brings the death of the Justice League along with it. A long hyped-up DC Comics event, the comic is written by Joshua Williamson, art being provided by Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona, colored by Matt Herms and lettered by Josh Reed. The comic was, of course, published by DC Comics.

As the title suggests, the comic kills off Justice League in the current main continuity. You heard it right, the main continuity. This isn't an Elseworlds story and sees the League being called into the House of Heroes to face off against The Great Darkness. The comic is a prelude to the upcoming event Dark Crisis, so let's see how it stacks up.

The death of Justice League doesn't hit as hard as it should

Now with a title like The Death of the Justice League, you would expect their demise to be extremely hard-hitting in a way. Now I know there has been a huge buildup to this comic. I mean, there are 74 issues worth of buildup behind it, but it still didn't manage to hit me that hard.

Reading it rather, I just felt, "Oh, welp, there they go." It just didn't have that hard-hitting sense of finality to it that you would expect. Zack Snyder's Justice League rather did this pretty well.

Right before Barry Allen's big scene, you see the entirety of the League get obliterated and you have that oh-my-goodness moment over there. Why? Because you are still connected to those characters.

Sure, the art revolving around their death was cool to look at, but it still didn't manage to bring that WOW factor and I was left a bit underwhelmed.

The art does help the comic be exciting

Although the death of the League won't surprise you much, at least the art revolving around it is pretty good. When Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman die, it looks pretty cool and the oomph factor is really heightened up there, presented on a beautiful spread as you see the iconic trinity literally turning into dust.

The death of the Trinity (Image via DC Comics)
The death of the Trinity (Image via DC Comics)

The spreads here in general are done really well and make for at least a good looking comic that readers will at least enjoy looking at.

It's an action-packed ride that never gets boring

The one good thing though I can definitely say about this comic is that it never gets boring. The momentum keeps on going, and you have this onslaught of DC characters. Calvin Ellis aka President Superman leads the fight over here and it is pretty amazing.

A page from the comic (Image via DC Comics)
A page from the comic (Image via DC Comics)

You see the entire League go up against Darkseid, Doomsday and so many others, which make for some enjoyable set pieces in the comic. All this amounted to it never getting boring and it was pretty cool in general to see that.

Final Verdict

The Death of the Justice League didn't hit me as hard as I was expecting it to. Some great action and art couldn't carry this book. It works well at setting up Dark Crisis and forgets to tell an impacting story in the end.

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