Legion of X #1 Review: A cosmic tale built up with epic proportions

Legion of X #1 comic cover (Image via Marvel Comics)
Legion of X #1 comic cover (Image via Marvel Comics)

Legion of X is a new comic series published by Marvel and focuses on Krakoa, a mutant haven that safeguards them. Marvel has been doing a great job at building up cosmic stories, and the comic here continues that trend as it builds up another cosmic tale that feels epic, albeit at times confusing.

Legion of X #1 is written by Si Spurrier with art provided by Jan Bazaldua. The comic here sees Legion lead a group of Mutants and help safeguard them by creating a reality bubble of his own. We also have many major X-Men characters pop up in the story, and it makes for a really interesting read.

Legion of X #1 makes for some fun worldbuilding and moments

A page from the comic (Image via Marvel Comics)
A page from the comic (Image via Marvel Comics)

Legion of X #1 begins with David Haller aka Legion, being reunited with Blindfold in Altar. Altar is a bubble reality created by Legion, where mutants can feel safe and be whatever they wish to be. Over here, he learns about a disturbance that sends him down a dark path surrounding the Astral plane.

On the other hand, we have Krakoa, a Mutant haven that has its laws and regulations and feels wonderfully fleshed out. Over here we meet Nightcrawler, who deals with formalities and helps make sure everything is working in order. We even see characters like ForgetMeNot and Juggernaut who are partners and take down criminals.

Great character work is present here

Legion of X #1 begins with all this, and it never stops building up its story that I honestly wouldn't want to spoil. There is just so much happening constantly that at times it can get overwhelming, but it still keeps you hooked. Every character serves a purpose here, and the selection of big-name mutants for this comic works within its context too.

Legion and Nightcrawler for me were a particular standout over here. You have Nightcrawler going around and discussing politics, while Legion is doing his own stuff that gives off huge psychedelic-like vibes. It creates for some really interesting imagery and scenes that had my eyes glued to the issue.

The setup for their story is great, and how it all comes together will surely be interesting to see. That's not to mention, there are still a couple of issues with the story.

Can get overwhelming

A page from the comic (Image via Marvel Comics)
A page from the comic (Image via Marvel Comics)

As previously mentioned, Legion of X #1 can get quite overwhelming. For the scale of the story that is being told, there is constant information that is being thrown at you. It's 34 pages long, and those aren't enough for the story to be properly fleshed out over here.

At times I had to go back and re-read certain pages just to make sure I didn't miss anything, I am still sure I have missed some stuff here and there.

Thankfully, the vibrant art does a great job at keeping your eyes glued to the pages as so much of it is so beautifully drawn and colored. The pages look magnificent, and for a cosmic story of this scale, it's definitely doing it justice.

Final Verdict

Legion of X #1 is a strong opening that has built my trust in this story. While it can get a bit confusing, the setup here will just leave you thrilled for what's to come next.

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