New X-Men '97 promo teases the appearance of Captain America

Captain America
Captain America's shield teased in X-Men '97 (Image via Marvel Studios on Instagram)

While X-Men '97 continues to wow fans with its episodes, a new promo for the show was released by Marvel Studios, and it teased the appearance of a big superhero, which will have many excited.

The new trailer for the series has teased the upcoming appearance of Captain America, and it looks like Marvel's Man Out of Time will be playing some kind of role in the future.

While it's not confirmed exactly how Captain America will fit into X-Men '97, his appearance was teased when the character's iconic shield was showcased in the recent trailer for the show.

It's also unclear at the moment in which episode he is set to appear, but it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Captain American to show up here as he was a part of X-Men: The Animated Series too.

Captain America had a role in X-Men: The Animated Series too

Before having his appearance teased for X-Men '97, Captain America had a brief role in X-Men: The Animated Series too. The character appeared in the episode Old Soldiers and is a part of Wolverine's flashbacks. He is voiced by Lawrence Bayne in the series and also, later on, has a cameo appearance in "Red Dawn."

Old Soldiers is an episode solely focused on Wolverine. Over here, Logan can be seen remembering his World War II days and a special mission that saw him break into a Nazi camp to save a scientist. However, when he is under attack, he is helped by none other than Captain America, who is there for the same reason as well.

The duo then teamed up to rescue a scientist and face Red Skull. However, they would fail at their mission and then go their separate ways in the end. Given that Captain America and Wolverine have a shared history in the show, one could assume that viewers might get to see a continuation of this in X-Men '97.

What can fans expect from the future of X-Men '97?

X-Men '97 just had its biggest outing yet, with episode five of the series showcasing the deaths of Gambit and Magneto after the Sentinels launched an attack on the state of Genosha just as it was about to be inducted into the United States. The episode also saw Cable appear in front of his mother, Madelyn Pryor, and warn her of what's to come next.

With Magneto and Gambit dead now and it being unknown who exactly launched the Sentinel attacks on Genosha, viewers might get to see the X-Men again without a leader, potentially pushing Cyclops into that position once more.

Cable's dire arrival also hints at a much more dangerous future, and with Mister Sinister plotting his next steps in the background, it certainly doesn't bode well for the titular team.

With five episodes already out, X-Men '97 has six more episodes to go. Fans can check out the show on Disney+, with a new episode out every Wednesday.

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