Was that Ezekiel Sims in the new Madame Web set photos? Taking a look behind the potential villain's origins

Ezekiel Sims and spider-variant from Madame Web (Images via Marvel Comics and @ramonarturo711)
Ezekiel Sims and spider-variant from Madame Web (Images via Marvel Comics and @ramonarturo711)

With the recent set of photos from Madame Web leaking, we got a look at a stunt double for an unknown actor (wildly rumored to be Tahar Rahim's) in what looks like a spider suit of some kind. Probably being a variant of the multiverse, it seems the film starring Dakota Johnson will have spider-variants of some sort as the character looks to be in quite the villain-like fit.

With many presuming the character to be Ezekiel Sims, who is reportedly being played by Tahar Rahim, Madame Web seems to have found its villain as leakers are describing him as the "Terminator" of the movie. Previously, there were some reports on the same, but the inclusion of Sims can lead credence to the fact that we might see him in a villainous role.

So, with him being the potential villain, let's look at the character's origins from the comics and who he is.

Who is Ezekiel Sims? Exploring origins amidst potential appearance in Madame Web

Being the rumored villain of Sony's upcoming Madame Web, Ezekiel Sims, created by J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr., first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #30.

Ezekiel is a Spider-Totem and has a lot of baggage attached to him, with his early life pretty much being a mystery. Performing a ritual that would bind him to the totems, he figured he would become a huge target within the Totem hierarchy. To escape the situation, he makes a room that would block anyone from finding him, and the place would keep him safe as he would be blind from the hierarchy then.

He is fascinated with Spider-Man as he believes to have the same powers as him, which he, of course, did. Having detectives sent after the wall-crawler, he deduced his identity as Peter Parker and talked to him.

Like Spider-Man, Ezekiel can stick to walls and have spidey sense which gives him a heightened set of reflexes. Being able to do all of this, he is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and can take down his foes easily. Ezekiel also used to be a competent businessman with great wealth.

However, it looks like Madame Web is set to take quite a turn if the rumors turn out to be true. As it stands, Madame Web is assembling a team to stop Ezekiel, who will try to prevent Spider-Man from ever being born and hurt those responsible for Peter Parker's birth.

Rumors also suggest that Adam Scott is set to play Uncle Ben in the film and will be helping Web take Sims down. It does go against the character's motivations from the comics.

But we will have to wait and see for ourselves when Madame Web releases in theaters on February 14, 2024.

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