Where does Groot come from? Origin, powers, and more explained

Groot's journey from sapling to tree (Image credit Marvel Studios)

The Marvel universe is full of characters with unusual backgrounds, and Groot is one of the most lovable creatures. The tree-like character reminds fans of an adorable pet who would have undeniable loyalty and an uncomplicated conscience. Surprisingly, however, that was not always true about Groot.


Groot, who is a creature from another planet, is a member of a team of superheroes, and has a host of fans who are interested in learning more about his origins and how he gets his powers.

Interestingly, there is more to the extra-terrestrial being who has moved around on different planets, including the Earth. Over the course of several movies, the tree monster transformed from a bad guy to a universal hero. This article is an attempt at tracing his origins and his initial superhero journey.

Who is Groot? Everything about the tree monster's origin and exile

Groot belongs to a species called Flora colossi from Planet X. He belongs to a type of large tree-people who can move, fight, speak, and grow as they wish. Unfortunately, these tree-people have defective larynxes and stiff vocal cords. As a result, whatever he wants to say always sounds like "I am Groot".

He is an alien tree-person (Image via Marvel Studios)
He is an alien tree-person (Image via Marvel Studios)

There is a reference to the tree-like creature coming to Earth in 1960 when he was able to speak more fluently. He met biologist Leslie Evans while trying to kidnap humans back to his planet for scientific experiments. He could speak to trees on Earth psychokinetically and used this power to seal Leslie’s town.

Scientist Evans foiled his plan of transporting a townful of people by introducing super termites into his bark. The termites destroyed him, thus saving the humans. He played the villain in this story, and there are more stories where he is defeated by superheroes.

Groot’s character was resurrected and transformed for good in the 2007 movie Annihilation: Conquest. The series showcases him as a kind do-good-er from the planet of giant trees. Both the comic book and the movie Guardians of the Galaxy suggest that the tree-like creature was banished from his planet by the ruling "Arbor Masters".

More about the tree superhero’s exile

Groot was exiled from his home planet (Image via Marvel Studios)
Groot was exiled from his home planet (Image via Marvel Studios)

Comics often come up with parallel stories for the character, and the same goes for Groot. One story says that in an attempt to save the caring raccoon-like creatures on Planet X, Groot kills another Groot who harmed the innocent rodent. This called for his punishment, and he was soon exiled.

The 2016 story Rocket Raccoon and Groot #6 shows an instance where he rescues a person who was abducted and taken to Planet X, for which he is banished. Evidently, the resurrected Groot is compassionate, and that is how he makes enemies on his own planet.

Besides being the Guardian, the tree-like creature has had numerous other experiences. He has been a victim of the schemes of the ‘Arbor Masters’, he has worked with Nick Fury, and has been captured as well as recruited by Kree. He was even taken hostage by Venom once.

The superhero has some unique powers

Strong intelligence and unique powers define him (Image via Marvel Studios)
Strong intelligence and unique powers define him (Image via Marvel Studios)

The factors that make Groot a superhero are not very debatable. Here is a giant tree-creature who can move around, communicate, and fight villains. The tree-like creature has a conscience and a strong sense of compassion for all weak creatures. He has more than human-level intelligence and even knows psychokinesis and can use it to his advantage.

His extra-terrestrial bark is immune to fires and projectiles. He can extend shoots and vines to bind his enemies. At full growth, he is almost 25 feet tall and 8000 pounds heavy. This superior strength is complemented by his quasi-dimensional engineering to make him an admirable superhero. He can regenerate from a small part of his body, and the new Groot retains his memories.

Who is baby Groot?

Baby Groot is the regenerative sapling of the original superhero. He was tended to and taken care of by Rocket Raccoon, Groot’s best friend among the Guardians. The original tree hero decided to sacrifice himself to destroy an enemy target by bursting into flames. As a royal tree, he considers it his duty to become a martyr.

He grows into the next superhero (Image credit Marvel Studios)
He grows into the next superhero (Image credit Marvel Studios)

In this honorable pursuit, he helps his Guardian friends escape by using one of his freshly grown boughs. This is when his raccoon friend snaps off a twig to regrow Groot again. The sapling will soon grow into an adult and face villains of the universe. Fans will get to see this delightful sapling grow while kids hoard "baby Groot" toys.

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