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5 ball-tampering techniques that cricketers often get away with

Tanya Rudra
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10.06K   //    03 Apr 2018, 14:44 IST

We frown when something beautiful is sullied, we cringe when something pure is stained, and we demand things to be sorted out.

For all the purity of sport, few moments of madness sling mud and leave an indelible imprint on it. Cricket, the gentleman’s game many say has always been pure, sacred, and played with fair-spirit. Time and again, it finds itself in the middle of a dirty pool splashing around for help and struggling to swim to the shores.

Ball-tampering is in the news recently, it has taken away the sheen from the game and forced us to sit up and acknowledge the intentions of otherwise good, honest people to squander ethics in an attempt to bulldoze the line between intensity and cheating.

While, the world is lambasting the Australians, and they should be, primarily because it was caught on camera, we should also understand and acknowledge the fact that there have been similar attempts made to tamper the ball to extract undue advantage which have been swept under the rug.

Now, let us take a look at five such ball tampering techniques which often get away.

#5 Picking the seam


Often the seam on a red ball is pronounced and remains so for almost 30 overs after which it starts to erode away.

Also, due to the parched nature of the outfield and the pitch, the ball loses its shine and the seam starts to come off.

This is when the bowling side tries to alter the condition of the seam to make it more pronounced which will in turn force the ball to move in the opposite direction, helping the bowlers extract reverse swing.

Often, this is not caught in the middle as it is very subtle and in the garb of removing dirt from the seam of the ball, fielding sides generally manage to play around with the seam.

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