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5 batsmen who scored the most runs in their respective last Tests

Ram Kumar
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 14:12 IST

Andy Sandham Seymour Nurse
The likes of Andy Sandham and Seymour Nurse ended their Test careers with colossal knocks

More often than not, performances in the latter stages of any accomplished cricketer's career tend to linger much longer in the memory than those evinced in the preceding matches. In particular, the last act of a long-serving batsman is awaited with nostalgic fervour. While the vast majority can be construed as being consumed by the significance of the occasion, there have also been quite a few stalwarts who left a lasting impression with their parting efforts.

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In ascending order, let us take an in-depth look at five batsmen who have scored the most runs in their respective final appearances in Test cricket. For all intents and purposes, their combined tallies of runs across both innings of the relevant matches are utilised to enumerate these masterful batsmen.

#5 Pieter van der Bijl - 125 & 97

One of South Africa's early cricketing heroes, Pieter van der Bijl played five Tests in the 1938/39 season. He came into prominence while playing for Oxford University. Even though he was initially ostracized for his obduracy at the crease, the tall batsman reinvented his approach to meet the evolving dynamics of the game. A fruitful second coming with Western Province propelled him into reckoning for national selection.

After a sedate initiation into the highest level, Pieter showcased his prowess by scoring a resilient century in the first innings of the Timeless Test against England at Durban in 1939. He came within three runs of replicating his feat in the second innings as well. Wally Hammond's visiting team eventually held out for a draw.

Upon being severely wounded while serving in North Africa during the Second World War, Pieter's promising cricket career came to a rather premature end. His son, Vince, would later be denied his rightful shot at Test cricket due to the ramifications of the Apartheid Era.

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Published 02 Dec 2017, 05:39 IST
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