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5 bowling actions we all have tried growing up

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10.12K   //    03 Oct 2018, 20:45 IST

Before any of us, yours truly included, became so obsessed about cricket that we decided to do something about it, at heart all of us were fans.

We had our own favourite players who we dearly wished did well in every game regardless of the final outcome. We also had one or more players who were part of the hatred list and hoped would never make it big.

While neither of us who made it big could hit a straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar nor could pull the ball like Ricky Ponting, the one element in the game that most of us often did was to copy bowling actions of players from around the world.

Here are five that most people might have given a shot at some point:

Note: Certain choices are that of the writer. The reader may have 100s and 1000s of other bowling actions of various other bowlers.

Harbhajan Singh

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When Harbhajan Singh first burst onto the scene in 1998, he came across as someone who could flight the ball and was combative in nature.

He also seemed to possess an interesting action. Both arms would fly in semi-circular motion before the run-up and on delivery, it seemed like both hands came together for a few seconds before the ball tossed out of hand.

While the action itself seemed a bit hard to replicate consistently, one would imagine all of us would have got the 'flying arms' part of the action right at some point.

As the years wore on, however, the off-spinner cut down on that aspect but to-date the bowling action has remained same.

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