5 most famous cricket grounds in the World


Cricket originated in the mid 16th century. From children playing it on streets in England, after nearly 400 years, cricket indeed has come a long way. Today, cricket is played in gigantic stadiums with an average seating capacity of 40,000. A cricketing stadium is not only a place to watch live cricketing action happening in front of you, but also what one experiences while watching a match is truly amazing. Let us look at the most famous stadiums of the world.

5 – WACA, Perth -

The West Australia Cricket Association, better known as the WACA, is famous for its fast pitch, which supports pace bowlers. It is famously known as the “Graveyard of the visiting teams”, as the traditionally strong Australian pace attack used to rip apart their opponents, thanks to the pitch which provides plenty of bounce and carry. Though the tracks in Perth are no more the same as it used to be, it is still one of the fastest pitches in the world, with Kingsmead coming a close second.

4 – Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai -

The stadium is located just beside the Arabian sea, making it a picturesque location. It is a typical Indian pitch, supporting the fast bowlers in the first half of day one, and deteriorates as the match progresses. It is the home ground of some of India’s greatest players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar etc. Not only the players, the fans too make this venue admirable. Even with a modest capacity of abut 40,000, the fans here, with vuvuzela like buzzers ensure the damage to eardrums of spectators and players alike. It was the venue of 2011 ICC World Cup final where Indian team experienced one of their most memorable moments of their lives here.

3 – Eden Gardens, Kolkata -

The Eden Gardens once used to be the largest cricketing stadium, with nearly a capacity of 100,000. Though the stadium has been renovated and its capacity reduced to about 65,000 to 70,000, it has no way affected the cricket loving fans from Kolkata. This pitch is renowned for assisting spinners. The venue is also remembered for hosting one of the best comebacks ever in cricketing history i.e. India vs Australia, 2001. It was the home ground for the prince of Kolkata, Sourav Ganguly.

2 – Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne -

Currently the largest cricket stadium in the world, the MCG is truly gigantic. It has capacity of 97,000-100,000. Usually the venue of boxing day tests, even test matches have near full attendance. Not only does it host cricket matches, it is also the venue of many domestic football and rubgy matches. Like any other Australian stadium, it has good carry and bounce.

1 – Lords, London -

The Mecca of cricket, without doubt, is the most famous cricket ground of the world. It is owned by the Marylebone cricket club, which is one of the oldest cricketing clubs. With a capacity of nearly 30,000, each and every part of the stadium looks unique and ancient, be it the dressing rooms or the pavilions. It is a batsman’s dream to score a century at this ground, and similarly a bowler’s dream to take a 5 wicket haul in this prestigious venue. The bowlers get movement both off the pitch and the air in this venue. Also, this ground has an interesting pitch, which has a slight slant. Any visiting team consider their tour incomplete without a test match at this venue.

Edited by Staff Editor
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