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5 reasons why two-match Test series should be scrapped

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1.35K   //    10 Jun 2018, 15:15 IST

The most talked-about point in cricket these days is how the administrators try and ensure that the public is kept interested in watching Test cricket in the times of the ever-growing interest for T20 cricket with franchise-driven leagues emerging around the globe every second month.

One of the things they can do to do that is to scrap the concept of a two-match Test series which is fast becoming a norm in some of the elite cricketing centers and instead have longer series to deliver a better viewing experience for the public.

.A two-match series does little or no good to anybody playing or watching it and the element of value is not entirely there in such rubbers.

Here are five reasons why there should no longer be two Test series played between two countries:

No clear winner in these contests

Who won this series eventually?
Who won this series eventually?

In any bilateral series between two teams the smallest of expectations that any supporter has is for a clear winner to emerge from the series. In most odd-numbered match series that is a possibility, but is not always the case in even-numbered match series.

In case of a two-Test series played between two competitive teams that isn't guaranteed always, as was seen most recently in the England-Pakistan series, where the former got walloped in the first game but returned the favour to the opposition in the second game to level the series and end it 1-1.

The key question to ask is: Who was the winner in this case? The answer: Neither. Nothing conclusive usually emerges when two competitive teams play a two-match Test series and on the other hand, when two mismatched teams contest, usually the scales are tilted too much in one team's favour and it results in one-sided matches which do no good for the game overall.

Such contests most certainly leave a lot to be desired to everybody watching the game and hence should not be contested in the future.

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