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5 records that have not been broken in over 100 years

Omkar Mankame
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Some records will never be broken

Cricket’s premier format, Test match cricket, has been played for more than 140 years. The format itself has withstood the test of time. Last week, Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan in a very interesting Test match. Including that game, there have been a total of 2278 Test matches played till now.

In these 2278 Test matches, feats have been recorded pertaining to almost every aspect of the game. From most runs in a career to most runs in an over, we have records for every facet of the game.

It is said that records are meant to be broken. Yet, there are few records that have lived on for over 100 years. Here are five records that have stood strong since the end of the 19th century.

#1 Highest percentage of runs in a completed Test innings (1877)

This record was made in the first Test match ever played and is yet to be broken. Unbelievable as it may sound, Charles Bannerman of Australia (who is also the first batsman to face a delivery in Test cricket) scored 165 runs of the team’s 245. This makes Bannerman’s percentage a staggering 67.34%.

Starting on 15th March 1877 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the match ended in four days with Australia winning by 45 runs. (Official Test status to this match was bestowed later).

The closest anyone has ever come to breaking this record is another Australian batsman, Michael Slater. Also opening the innings, he scored 123 out of the team’s 186 against England at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1999. Slater managed to score 66.84% of the total runs in that innings.

Even though such a feat requires a mammoth solo effort, it also requires failure on the part of the team-mates.

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