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5 types of equipment used by umpires in cricket 

Utsav Patodia
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Kohli getting captured on the camera

In the 1900s, the only way you could stay abreast with the developments in a cricket match was by reading an English daily or by listening to the commentary on the radio.

One could listen to Richie Benaud and Trevor Bailey regale us with their wit and eloquent description of the proceedings, leaving very little to the imagination!

Things have moved on since then and what a change it has been! In the Indian context, cricket has transformed from a sport to a religion and now to a common language spoken by the entire country.

While the purists and the connoisseurs still squirm a little with the change in formats from the Test cricket, to the One Day Internationals and then to the Twenty 20s(T20), it has definitely brought people from all walks of life closer to the game. T20 Cricket as a sport has received admiration from the men and women alike.

But with the increase in attention, there is also an increase in the detail of the coverage in the sport. Today, there are thirty-four cameras pervading a cricket field. Hence Virat Kohli could pick his nose in the dressing room and still be caught on the camera!

An international cricket match consumes more tech than any other sport. And as an avid viewer of the game, one could always wonder what are the various fancy types of equipment that umpires carry with themselves.

This article looks into these types of equipment one would see in the hands of an umpire.

#5 The Ball Gauge

The Ball Gauge

When the likes of Chris Gayle and Yuvraj Singh take charge, suddenly no boundary is large enough. But it also becomes a fitness test for the ball itself. There are cases when the ball loses shape because of the thrashing it receives, In these instances, the umpires use a ball gauge to check whether the ball is usable or not.

Typically the ball is made to pass through the ring and if it does, it is considered usable and if it doesn't, it is replaced. The two rings are for balls of two different sizes. The 142g and the 156g variants.

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