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A 'Boring' Pakistan Cricket That Will Rise in Tests

Tim Holt
783   //    27 Jul 2011, 14:25 IST

The last 12 odd months has been dull by Pakistani standards. In regards to typically we all have our sadistic urges pleased by their eternal chaos, twists and turns, skulduggery and a veil of apparent calm that turns into dramas and ultimately into melodramas. That entertain much in the manner of a sincere soap opera.

This mainly due to the stars of these dastardly deeds in the form rebel rousers and primadonnas like Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik, Shoaib Ahktar, Kamran Akmal, Mohammud Asif, Salman Butt amongst others. Either leaving the scene by their own accord or being shown the exit door and being told to use it.

If Ijaz Butt follows this lead and disappears into the sunset when his contract is up. Pakistan would have cleaned all the rubbish out of it’s set up and indeed have a chance to turn it’s gluttony of talent into a rich future.

Two men in Misbah ul Huq and Waqar Younis hold this destiny in their hands. Crucially men that are only intent on bringing pride to Pakistan by the example they set and by the sincere pride they show in everything that they undertake.

Waqar- Creating A Better Future

A concern as already cited by Waqar is the fact that Misbah being 37 means that his tenure will only be short. So a procession plan needs to be put in place. In truth even if Misbah’s Captaincy is only brief his effect for the present and future of Pakistan will be profound. Admittedly this greatly aided by the removal of the aforementioned disruptive types, but crucially this would be meaningless if the replacements were cut from the same cloth.

Putting his role in context, he has indelibly changed the culture of the Pakistan Team through the statesmen like demeanour he embodies.

Best encapsured in this Aristotle quote:

What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens, namely a disposition to virtue and the performance of virtuous actions

Misbah ul Huq-A Pakistan Statesman
Expanding on this quote is the infecting of it in his team mates by Misbah. So in the recent past we have seen the inclusion in the side of solid, silent types like Asad Shafique, Azhar Ali, Umar Amin, Tanvir Ahmed and Wahab Riaz. That is complimentary of similar types in the line up like Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal and Younis Khan. Then crucially is the peer pressure these principled types apply to a precociously talented type like Umar Akmal, who has a tendency to stray. That keeps him in check and gains him a reputation for his potential turning into performance.
This environment is not only crucial in the now for moulding the youth, but also in the future for the players introduced into the Team. For they would be entering a set up that has men of principles to teach them the right way. That Pakistan hasn’t seen the likes of since the days of the iconic Imran Khan, Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram were in the Team together.
When you look at a few names on the horizon for Pakistan to enter and flourish in this set up. You can see why the future is likely to be so bright.


Babar Azam:
A top order batsmen that has dominated throughout the under age levels and also recent A tour games. He has a brilliant temperament coupled with a fine technique and an array of refined shots. Touted as the next big thing in Pakistan batting

Fawad Alam
Though he has been overlooked of late, there is something about this young batsmen that I really like. He reminds me of Younis Khan in terms of having real fight in him and a determination to succeed. That has already seen him hit a very refined century against Sri Lanka. Also a useful off spin bowler and an exceptional fielder.

Umar Amin
In the England tour he always batted under pressure, but in the times I saw him I really liked what I saw. He had a very decent technique and some lovely shots. I think he is one that would be a very decent player at number 5 in the Test Team

Usman Salahuddin
This lad again is one of high principles and precocious talent too. A middle order batsman that has a great temperament and some lovely shots. He definitely has a bright future for Pakistan

All Rounders

Hammad Azam
Great talent with a nice combination of refined fast medium and dangerous cavalier style batting. Already shown this in the Odi arena for Pakistan and many experts think that this could translate into the Test arena


Raza Hasan
Calm my beating heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For im so in love with this left arm over bowler. I have little doubt that he will be a devastating factor on the International arena. For he has it all in terms of accuracy, spin, stamina, temperament and a lethal mystery ball. I know patience would greatly benefit him, but id have him in the Team now.

Wicket Keeper

Sarfraz Ahmed
This is the lad that should be behind the stumps for Pakistan. For he is not only a very fine gloveman, but a very decent batsman as well. I say this after seeing him on the A tour of Australia a few years back where he was excellent in both disciplines.


Junaid Khan
This young left armer is indeed a stellar talent. In regards to he already has pace and swing, but has the added extra of being able to swing it in an unorthodox manner for a left hander. A great talent for future Pakistan

Anwar Ali
Anyone who can swing the ball like this video shows has talent that if harnessed could be devastating in the Test arena. Just look at the quality of batsmen like Cheteshwar Pujara and Rohit Sharma that he skittles!
Mohammad Tahla
A quick bowler that can swing the ball and also make it talk off the pitch. Has already tasted the Test arena and now with his bowling being improved it’s likely he will get another chance and succeed with it.

The Team- 2 Years In The Future
Azhar Ali- A Captain In The Future
This would likely see Misbah retire and with it the fear of Waqar Younis about a leadership void comes into question. Honestly this is justified for all the good work done now could be for none if a through back from the chaotic past is inserted. For he would burn everything to the ground and reinstate the non functioning chaos.
Though there is one in the line up that remind’s me of a young Steve Waugh in not only his batting, but his demeanour in Azhar Ali. He would be the one id groom as Misbah’s successor. Also id retain Younis Khan to act as a mentor to the youthful line up.
This would leave him with a strong squad of about 15 players to choose from in Tests. That covers all the disciplines in the game.
Encouraging a belief in a bright future for Pakistan in the not so distant future

Tim Holt
Cricket through the eyes of an Irishman. Do check out more on my blog <a href="">atouchofirishintheglobalvillage</a>
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