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Shahid Afridi: One of the greatest entertainers ever

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T10 League at Sharjah Cricket Stadium - Day One
Shahid Afridi will play in the Pakistan Super League later this month

Shahid Afridi will surely go down as one of the best entertainers the game of cricket has ever seen. He has left a lasting impression and his style of play is unmatched. In short, Afridi is irreplaceable.

Afridi has enthralled us all his life, be it in international cricket, league cricket or domestic cricket. He has been a hero to millions. When he is in the playing XI, fireworks are expected. The crowd might remain silent the whole game, but when it's Afridi's turn to showcase his skills, whether with the bat or the ball, an instant adrenaline runs in the fans and you'd see fans shouting and screaming. He is undoubtedly one of the crowd favourites. 

Statistics might not go Afridi's way, but he is indeed an explosive package. People call him overrated, impatient, undependable, but that's what makes him one of a kind. Afridi was indeed a fan of pace. He has proven that right from the start of his career, scoring the then fastest ODI century off 37 balls in his very first innings.

It was his attitude on and off the pitch that made him such a remarkable person and player. He is one player, whom probably no one hates. Afridi is a gift to Pakistani Cricket. 

No matter how good a bowler is, if it's 'Boom Boom' Afridi at the crease, he'll be scared, very scared. A player like Afridi can smack anyone in this world when it's his day. What fans like are boundaries, and that's exactly what Afridi has done throughout his career. He has retired from international cricket, but his cracking and thrilling performances continue to come out as he continues to play in the Bangladesh Premier League, Pakistan Super League, and the inaugural T-10 League as well!

How can an article about Afridi end without mentioning his iconic starfish pose? Afridi is loved for his brilliant celebration. That celebration somehow brings excitement to his fans.

It's not just about his sixes and fours, but he has something in him that makes him one of the most loved cricketers ever. Afridi has reached milestones and has broken records ever since he started playing cricket.

He will always remain the 16-year-old lad, ready to take the opposition on. He was and will remain one of cricket's greatest entertainer. Thank you for the memories, Lala.

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