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Again a bad name for Pakistan Cricket

Abid Gowhar
1.20K   //    31 Aug 2010, 10:20 IST

Pakistan Cricket team is famous to be in the headlines of the International media,sometimes for good and more often for bad reasons. Highly disgusting this time and again for a bad reason that its players have been caught in the camera for match fixing at Lords. Strange thing is that some of the junior most players of the team are involved and if proved guilty will face the sword. But the question is that why only pakistan players are most often being smelled bad like this. The reasons can be many but one thing is sure that they belong to the country, where corruption is at its peak, mismanagement is flying high from top to bottom in the country, politicaly the humane behavior is some how different, and the country is often worst hit by so many natural calamities to lead them to the financial crunches and beneath them all is natural talent of its players in cricket like gold dust. Highly volatile attitude and stamina involving classy talent of its players, when exposed to high status games become arrogant in their show and so things like match fixing, drug abuse, ball tampering etc pour in easily to the team. one day the team can be seen with extraordinary performance in the field and on the other they perform like jacks with most casual approach.
Oh again a shameful gesture Pakistan cricket, perhaps they can’t be subsided and they can be taught the spirit of sports. They are what they belong to and don’t get surprised if tomorrow, you will see the PCB issuing statement that some international agencies are involved to defame the Pakistan cricket and nothing was true in the match fixing allegations.

Abid Gowhar
A 40 year old freelance journalist from J&K (India), having more than ten years experience as columnist, broadcaster and sports writer. Have more than one hundred writeups, interviews, columns and broadcast programmes n my name. Have won Aakashwani Award for best documentry, Sports Fair-Writer award and many more appreciations and awards for contribution in sports and social fields.
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