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Cricket is in the air, Cricket is everywhere

2.08K   //    23 Mar 2015, 11:44 IST
Indian fans having a blast during a recent WC game

We all know those urges that stretch up our minds towards that one game that just blows up everyone's mind. That one game, that isn't a game for many anymore. That one game, that isn't just about playing, it's about living. That one game, that is everything for everyone. That one game that is life. That game with 7 letters that just cheers up everyone's mind. It's none other than Cricket.

Just before my exams started, the 2015 World Cup’s cheer was in the air. It was almost as if the whole world had stopped at a certain point, just to see those exquisite cricketing shots by the famous cricketers by any means on air. Where ever you may have gone, in India, every street is ignited with a fever of its own, the fever of cricket. No matter how small that area of play is, it's unlimited for the cricket fans playing.

I knew I had to study, but more importantly, I had to watch every match to cover up the dynamic play by the players on field. My studies do matter, but leave a match unwatched? I believe I'd be sued by myself in the court if I miss it. I believe we have a choice to make; to love cricket or to hate it. There's no in between.

Just about some years ago, I hated the sport like most of the girls do these days. I hated when my cousins brought up this word - "Cricket". But not so long ago, I started playing this sport. I Watched it, discovered it, Emphasised on it more and more, time after time. And just after a very short period of time, I knew I was in love with this word - "Cricket".

I’m that Wicketkeeper-Batsman

It didn't take me long enough to come out as a wicketkeeper-batsman, but to work hard on my every skill and to keep on working on it, both on field and off field, did take me a while to figure out how or will I be able to do it? My answer came to me in a jiffy, and before I knew it, I was hitting a last ball six on a full toss bowled by my opposition's bowler to pull out and up, the score of the School Cricket Team.

The whiff of fresh air that surrounds my body while watching Cricket is magically impeccable. It's unexplainable. I never knew I'd someday be a cricket freak, or in the rarest cases, writing this column to brag my love for the sport coming out of this nutshell. Just as the WC approached, I knew I wasn't gonna miss a single India vs "whoever is going play against this awesomely amazing team" encounter. And I haven't missed out on even one yet, because my love for the game is just way too intensely legit and high.

Who said that a girl can't love a Virat Kohli cover drive more than his haircut? Who said that a girl can't play Cricket because it'll probably drive her away from the archaic traditions and domestic hobbies? Who said that a girl isn't strong enough to deal with all the insides and outsides of the beautiful game? They said that you can't be a girl and love Cricket. While I raised up my head with pride and optimisim, whispering if not screaming, that I don't have to be a guy to love cricket, when I know I can be a girl, and still know how to love the sport. 

Heyo everyone! I always knew I wanted to be a writer, and I\'m sure that Sportskeeda would help me live out my dream. Peace! xoxoxo. :)
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