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Cricket: Who is the Best Modern Day Mauler?

Editor's Pick 31 Jul 2011, 19:45 IST
With the advent of the T20 revolution in cricket since 2000 coupled with the revolutionary nature of cricket bats, the sport has come to be dominated by hard hitting maulers who are capable of hitting the leather right off cricket balls.  In such an age, who in hell would be a cricket ball these days??

The insanity of that choice is seen around these murderous row of bashers, who brutalise like few others.


The archetypical mauler from the Caribbean

When you hear the crack of Gayle’s bat you know to look far and high, for you know that it will be deposited into the crowd like few others and sometimes in the car park on the smaller grounds . In any form of cricket he mauls like few others..


A man whose mauling never ceases to amaze us, Pollard’s heroics in the IPL and the World Cup are still fresh memories

Built like Adonis and strong like Hercules- this lad when he hits them, they stay hit!Some of his brutality at the recent World Cup should have been censored-for so much murderous intent was seen in it!


It’s not for nothing that they call him “Boom Boom Afridi”, for when he is on song, fireworks are assured

Ouch…Ouch….and I repeat OUCH!!This mad cap Pakistanian mauler is one of the biggest hitters ever.

He has hit some of the biggest 6′s ever seen in the games history.


Though has diminished of late, in his pomp few hit them like Razzaq did.

The South Africans will more than attest to that when he went on one of the most remarkable rampages seen in recent memory last year.


Going, going, gone!!

In any form of cricket no one is known to slaughter bowlers like the man known as Gilly.You could see him deposit the ball in the appreciative crowd with the greatest of ease and against anyone, anywhere and in any situation


Total T20 specialist: You do the math as to how hard he can hit it then

The T20 specialist that is intent on proving his pedigree in the other forms of the game.That remains to be seen, but one thing that is certain is that when Warner plays and if he is ‘on’. If you are in the crowd when he is batting, make sure you wear helmets, for balls will be flying into them hard and fast!


Apparently he drinks a litre of milk everyday. No wonder where all that brute strength comes from!

Just look at the strength in the Indian skipper’s forearms to go with the rest of his chiselled physique. That shows the brute strength he possesses, every ounce of which he calls into action when he hits one of those big sixers.Then you watch how he uses this combining it with his timing and hawk like eye, and see the ball fly sky high!


One of Indian cricket’s early maulers, Tendulkar has calmed down a bit in recent years

Since his injury in 2006, the Little Masterhas calmed a little bit and has become more orthodox.  Don’t doubt his potential though, for when Sachin chooses to, he can belt the best bowler out out of the stands!


The very sight of this man in the middle is a frightening one for bowlers

Arguably the scariest batsman since the immortal Viv Richards.  In any form of the game, Sehwag can destroy any type of bowling.He can hit sixers to any part of the ground, even breathtaking cut sixes high over point!


The star of the Indian World Cup win and also famous for hitting Stuart Broad for 6, sixes.
When he is in the mood, he can hit the ball many a long mile!


Mauler from Sri Lanka

It would have been interesting to see how the outcome of the World Cup final would have been effected if Mathews had been fit for Sri Lanka.This aside, he is one of the biggest hitters in the current game. As seen in some of his huge hits against Australia at the MCG last year.


Lower order mauler who hits it when it is there for the taking

My word, can this lower order batsmen give the ball one almighty clout!He is pure brute strength that can deposit the ball long far.  I get the feeling as though that the balls he hits have had the leather hit right off them.


Not for nothing is he called the Matara Mauler

The word is EXPLOSIVE.  That’s all I need to say about him.


In my mind, AB is the best player in the shorter forms of the game and also a very fine Test batsman.

The  main attractions of his batting is his hard hitting. He does it with the class of his immaculate timing that sends many high into the stands.


The Kiwi Big Mac is one fine player and in any form of cricket, his batting is characterised by it’s sincere brutality.

He just mauls bowling and smashes the ball to the fence and into the crowd with the greatest of ease.


Kiwi powder keg ready to explode

A precociously talented stroke player that in the shorter forms of the game is like a powder keg ready to exploded.Thankfully for the fans-he explodes often!


This feisty little Bangladeshi opener is a real explosive type.  Against any bowling, he is able to cause mayhem and smash the ball all around the part.


This lad can maul with the best of them as the English will attest!

So which of these would you choose as cricket’s biggest hitter?

Or have I overlooked someone?

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