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Decoding Ravindra Jadeja: 5 things that set him apart from the rest

Supreme fielding, and superlative ability to perform under pressure are a couple of five factors that set Jadeja apart from the rest.

15 May 2017, 22:14 IST
Australia v India - Game 1 : News Photo
Jadeja seen celebrating the fall of a wicket

Good players come and go, but legends…they live on. Similarly, there might be a lot of ‘good’ engine fluid brands out there, but Castrol Activ is eternal due to its legendary status in the sector. Hence, it is only fair for the legendary figure, Ravindra Jadeja, to represent Castrol.

The Indian all-rounder is officially the best Test bowler in the world and is among the best all-rounders in the game. He is an integral part of the Indian cricket team and is one of the first names the selectors pick.

Here are 5 reasons which set him apart from the rest:

#1 Bowling

This is the best aspect of his game and he is considered among the top bowlers in the country. In fact, according to official rankings, he is the best Test bowler in the world right now as he sits on top of everyone as the number 1 ranked Test bowler.

His numbers in Tests are absolutely ridiculous. In 57 innings, 30 Tests, he has taken an astonishing 142 wickets with a strike rate of a wicket every 62 balls. His average stands at an incredible 23.12, which is even better than the average with which the legendary Shane Warne finished his career.

In the shorter formats, his numbers might not be as illuminating as it is in Tests, but 151 wickets from 129 matches aren’t bad at all.

#2 Fitness

For any player to be a big name in any field of sports, she/he has to have optimum physical condition coupled with the unparalleled amount of mental strength to succeed. It is this very combination of mental and physical balance that allows a player to reach the heights of glory.

In the Indian cricket team…actually, scratch that, in the entire cricketing fraternity, Ravindra Jadeja is among one of the fittest players. Be it of the body or of the mind, the Gujarat Lions all-rounder has made sure that he has kept them in peak conditions in order to make a difference as a cricketer.

#3 Fielding

There is one thing that is still, perhaps, understated about Jadeja; his blazing presence on the field. Jadeja is ever consistent and fiery on the field, and continues to protect boundaries like Castrol Activ actibonds.

Indeed, reminiscent to the brand that he endorses, Ravindra Jadeja is electrifying on the field and rarely produces any moment of hiccups. The man is so reliable that whenever the ball is traversing to the zone where he is appointed to protect, the batsmen that are in the crease before risking the extra run.

A great many times has Jadeja produced moments of sheer brilliance on the field. There are times when such instances plucked a wicket out of thin air or saved the day for his team.

#4 Batting

ICC World Twenty20 India 2016: India v West Indies - Warm Up : News Photo
Jadeja smashes one out of the park

An all-rounder is judged by his ability to make perform with both the bat and the ball. So far, we have discussed his bowling and fielding, but Jadeja is just as good a batsman as it gets. Stats might not say everything, but it does give one a good idea about the player under the microscope—and, all things considered, Jadeja does have the numbers in his favour.

With Ravindra Jadeja, his batting statistics divulge a lot of information about his abilities with the bat. Averages of 28 in Tests and 32 in One Day Internationals might not seem like a lot, but the fact that he bats in the lower-order makes these numbers look even better.

He is the only Indian and the eighth player in the world to score three First Class 300s. This is a truly astonishing feat by the all-rounder which puts him alongside the likes of Don Bradman, Brian Lara, Michael Hussey, WG Grace, and more.

#5 Ability to perform under pressure

This is a true test of a player’s mettle since it differentiates between a great and an excellent player. There are so many players in the world that have some of the best numbers in the sport, but don’t really live up to their standards in a pressure cooker situation.

With Jadeja, the opposite is true. The electrifying member of the Indian cricket team has the ability to stay focused even in the worst of situations. Indeed, like Castrol Activ’s actibonds, he works best in the toughest of situations and makes sure that he never lets his team down, like how Castrol never lets a vehicle down due to its superior chemistry.

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