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Delhi cricketer dies after being attacked by local gang

604   //    22 Jul 2016, 14:28 IST
Delhi local cricket
In a tragic turn of events, gang violence has marred the gentleman’s game in a horrific fashion

An amateur cricketer in India's capital was beaten to death on July 17 after a gang he had an encounter with tracked him down to complete the job.

The tragic incident involved a 20-year old boy and a somewhat notorious street gang. While the issue for the brawl is yet to come to light, the police are doing all they can to provide justice for the victim and his family. The boy was scheduled to sit for his Higher Secondary examination next year.

Cases of rampant criminal activity have been on the rise in the national capital of India and this is definitely a cause for concern for its residents and politicians alike.

The cricketer's disagreement with the gang started earlier this month on July 12 where the group of gangsters had, reportedly, threatened to “kill him”. They tracked him down five days later on the 17th of this month and outnumbered and overpowered him with hockey sticks and iron rods and beat him up in the bushes. The beating inflicted upon him was too severe and he succumbed to his injuries three days later.

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While all members of the gang who participated in this incident are yet to be tracked down by the police, it has been reported that three arrests have been made since the case was filed. A relative of the young boy who was killed and an eye-witness to the incident has said that there were at least eight to ten gang members involved.

An India Times report does not name the victim or the gang as these pieces of sensitive information have not been released to the press to ensure safety for the victim's family. However, according to a police report quoted by the newspaper, the gang, in question, “often targets and kills youngsters.”

On-field clashes are not new when it comes to local cricket but it usually involves the players who lose their temper regarding some reason or the other. Delhi, meanwhile, is fast reaching the distinction of being one of the least safe places in India.

Although three arrests have already been made, it is imperative that all the culprits be tracked down as soon as possible to prevent a repeat of this kind of incident in the future. Questions are also being raised as to why the gang has not been dismantled yet if they have a history of violence against youngsters.

Meanwhile, the death of the young boy has sent a shockwave through his neighbourhood community who are all in mourning.

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