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England village side scores 40 runs in the final over to win a match

Neelabhra Roy
421   //    13 Aug 2017, 20:59 IST


What’s the story?

 A village cricket team in England Dorchester-on-Thames CC produced THE most surprising win in the history of the sport as they chased down 40 runs in the final over to defeat Swinbrook in an Oxfordshire Cricket Association match.

Hosts Swinbrook had posted 240 runs on the board in 40 overs and Dorchester were 206/7 in 44 overs, needing another 35 from the final over which meant that every ball had to be lodged for a six. However, some brilliant hitting from 54-year old Steve McComb combined with some irresponsible bowling from Swinbrook’s Mihai Cucos won the match for Dorchester.

Following the match, McComb stated, "It was an amazing end to the game. 240 is a tough target to chase in our league and we never looked ahead of the rate. I had nothing to lose in the final over and the boundaries weren't huge, so I knew there was a slim chance. I've had an arthritic ankle for many years and I can't run very well between the wickets, as the lads constantly remind me, so I either try to score a boundary or hop for a single. When they brought the field in for the final ball I knew if I got bat on ball we'd be ok."

McComb’s teammate Richard Sharman said, "I got so excited the scorebook’s a bit of a mess, but it was a pleasure to watch."

In case you did not know..

The 40-run over that was witnessed in the match today is not the only big over that has been bowled this year. A few months ago, a Bangladeshi conceded 92 runs from just 4 deliveries in a Dhaka 2nd Division Cricket League, bowling 65 wides, 15 no-balls, and conceding 12 runs from his four legitimate deliveries.

The heart of the matter

Needing to defend 35 from the final over, Swinbrook were looking well set for a victory. However, the first ball of the over was a no-ball which McComb dispatched for six. The next delivery was a legal one but even that was sent into the, making the equation 22 from 5 deliveries.

However, Cucos came back well by bowling a yorker, making it 22 from 4 deliveries. The next delivery was hit for a four and Dorchester now required a six from each delivery to win the match.

Then, disaster struck for Swinbrook as Cucos bowled a second no-ball which McComb smashed for a four and Dorchester now needed 13 from 3 balls.

McComb smashed two consecutive sixes and with one ball left, the scores were level, much to Swinbrook’s awe. The hosts kept most of their players inside the circle but 54-year old McComb came down the wicket to end the match with a fifth six of the over.

What’s next?

Steve McComb and all of the Dorchester side will be relishing this memorable win while Mihai Cucos can only wonder how could he make such a comedy of errors.

Author’s Take

As embarrassing as being unable to defend 35 runs off an over may be for the bowler, he can learn a lesson and improve on his bowling. This over should also be a lesson to every bowler that even if 36 runs are required of one over, even a little mistake might be costly.


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