#EverydayAbility brings light in the world of darkness

Players, organisers, and sponsors pose for a photo after a successful culmination of the Volunteer4India match

#EverydayAbility is the outcome of a deep desire among the leadership team of Firefox Bikes to force - multipltheir CSR initiatives and deliver real societal impact for the differently-abled and other disadvantaged communities.

#EverydayAbility is a series of sporting events, carried out in collaboration with Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation, which creates adventure events to bring Persons With disabilities in a sporting interface with other communicates, and Vounteer4India, a technology platform that expands such events through the physical and online participation of corporate and student volunteers

On a beautiful Saturday morning on the 24th of March, Firefox riders and the dealers converged at Sohna, to play a cricket match with the Blind team. The team was represented by many cricketers that were part of the Blind cricket team that represented four-time winners India for the Blind World Cup.

Teams were created with an equal mix of the Blind team and the sighted community comprising of Firefox dealers, volunteers, and various influencers. The CEO of Firefox Bikes Mr. Aditya Munjal also participated in the match, whose energy and enthusiasm well reflected his passion to make this event meaningful, impactful and bring together more and more communities to spread this message.

Volunteers and the players were cheering for their respective teams alike. The event also took Twitter by storm as it became a national trending event. The cricket match got over at 10:00 AM and later during the closing ceremony, a token of appreciation was distributed among the Indian Blind Cricket team members.

It was followed by few words from the CEO of Firefox Bikes Mr. Aditya Munjal, who eagerly hoped that this event would serve to create a momentum that, over time, could become a powerful message of inclusion and employability. He also announced that Firefox Bikes has taken the first step towards selection & recruitment of suitable differently-abled candidates at Firefox HQ and stores.

This was a fitting finale to Firefox's year-long CSR initiative to carefully orchestrate inclusive sporting events like Scuba diving, Wall Climbing, Para-motoring, mountain trekking, rock climbing and so on, to bring together various communities.

These events served as a platform for Firefox riders and dealers, along with the larger community drawn from corporates and colleges. They paired up with Persons With Disabilities and played these inclusive sports to spread a strong message of inclusion, equality, and employability. This has been carried out in 7 cities across India, with the resultant social media participation from the community had taken this event to a national scale.

These events are meant to a beacon of shining light for the differently-abled community that is largely invisible, protected by or dependent on well-wishers and confined to their homes, because of social stigmas, lack of accessibility and lack of employability.

These events are made with the purpose of illuminating their world with the radiance that sports can bring about.

These events, by bringing all communities together in a fun setting, leave behind a feeling of immense high among all stakeholders. They also ensure the recognition of the immense potential and talent that PWD's carry, which is waiting to be exploited by the corporate world.

Edited by Amar Anand
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