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FantasyFist: An app to feed your sports addiction

Davis James
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With the India-Sri Lanka T20I series having ended last week, a long cricketing season lies ahead with the Asia Cup, the ICC World T20 and the Indian Premier League (IPL) set to take over the lives of the millions of Indian cricket fans for at least the next three months.

The recently held IPL Auction for the 2016 edition of the T20 league was widely followed by cricket fans and players alike to see who would go where and what new battles can be expected in the forthcoming season.

Following the end of the auction, fans of the eight IPL franchises will have expressed their disappointment and joy with the acquisitions that their respective sides made or did not make during the auction.

In this present day and age, every fan/follower has an opinion about the various happenings in the world, especially in the sporting world. As technology has developed, it has helped fans to remain more informed about the game and to understand the game better.

Advent of fantasy sports

This better understanding has driven the fans to take part in fantasy leagues and show their intellect by picking the best players in whatever sport they follow – be it, cricket, football, NFL, etc. Although fantasy leagues involve a lot of luck, it does require the fan to make educated choices based on the current form of players.

With the advent of so many T20 leagues coming up in the cricketing world, Indian cricket fans have begun taking part in fantasy leagues. Around 1 million Indians play fantasy cricket via web platforms. Although this might be a small number as opposed to other countries, the fantasy market in India is growing 20-30% per year in India.

What is FantasyFist? How does it work?

On the basis of this, a couple of cricket lovers have developed an app called FantasyFist, a one of its kind cricket fantasy app that allows the user to create fantasy teams by participating in an online auction/draft. The process adopted by the app is similar to how the IPL auction/draft takes place where IPL franchise owners place bids on players and the player goes to the highest bidder.

FantasyFist screenshotWhen a user downloads the FantasyFist app and signs up on the app, she/he will receive 100,000 free FF coins. With the coins available, a user will be able to join 5-6 leagues and bid for players in each league. A user can win more points by sharing or referring the app to their friends. Users will also earn points by participating and winning leagues, and these points can be redeemed by the user to avail real prizes.

Each cricket tournament allows the user to either join or create a private league with friends or join a public league with other users.

Within each league, the user is allowed to take part in the online auction/draft and select a unique fantasy team. On commencement of the tournament, the users will get points based on how his/her team's players perform in the tournament.

Why FantasyFist is fun to play

One of the advantages of playing such a unique fantasy league is that all the good players cannot be in the same squad of all the users in one particular league. This means that all the teams in a league will have their own strengths and weaknesses, leading to a better competitive balance between various players in the league.

Another aspect of playing FantasyFist is how it will test each person's real knowledge about the game as the user will have to make the right trade-offs to get the right combination to try and win the league.

Why you should download FantasyFist

Getting FantasyFist on your mobile device will help you engage in something unique and fresh, unlike the traditional sports fantasy apps available. The auction/draft feature in FantasyFist will test the acumen of any cricket follower and help the user find out if he/she is really able to make wise decisions and bid for the right players.

This cricket fantasy app will help increase the engagement of a fan with the game and adds a certain amount of flavour while watching a game. Using this mobile app will help cricket lovers to stay connected with others in the cricket community and with the game.

The app developers have their sights set on adding other sports like football, rugby, etc. which will be attractive to fans who follow multiple sports.

FantasyFist is available to download on Play Store and will soon be available on Apple Store.

Davis James
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