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Girlfriend Vs Sports ! What do you Choose ?

925   //    18 Jul 2011, 00:52 IST

“Okay I’ll be there…..oh wait wait wait…!!! What’s the date tomorrow..(2nd April(my favourite cricketing date))..oh no no no…no sweetheart..I won’t be able to come…I have an important meeting fixed with my boss…Can we meet some other day….””

How many times have you tried this…? (And how many times it has bounced back…!!!)

Just because there was an important meeting between India and Australia fixed by the ICC that day, you didn’t want to meet that one special person in your life. And then you’ll say….”oh baby…You are the most wonderful creation on this planet…There’s nothing without you…I can’t take my eyes off you…and what not…”

Just because we can argue that we can love two entities, the most, at a single time.

  1. Our favourite sport
  2.  Our girlfriend/ boyfriend

Fair enough…is it..That the No 1. Spot is still held by the sport!!!!

This is the highest common factor between every living human on this planet who has ever loved a sport.

This is not just my story and not just yours either..!!  So we’ll talk about “you”.

You are watching the last test match of the series. (India) would win the series if they win this match. It’s the last session of the last day. How many of you had wanted that day, that the ball turn a mile and chops off that bloody tail ender’s wicket who has been showing resistance for the past half an hour and has been irritating you, more than Harbhajan Singh. And how many times have you jumped higher than the wicket keeper when the umpire raises his finger for a Zaheer Khan-appeal…even if the decision is wrong(this would not be the case anymore : courtesy DRS)

Or for all those sitting, who love to watch the tennis lawn being crawled by the champs, how many times have you wanted the Spaniard to commit just one more unforced error, when he just had committed one , just because you love to see Federer win.

Are you sitting and shaking your legs…Yes you…maybe it is the nervousness of watching a close encounter or just that you are a diehard football fan. So I ask you, how many times have you found yourself out of your seats when a shot by your dear Christiano kissed the crossbar and went down as an attempt and not a goal…and you sit down having your hands on your head…Or how many times have you cursed the referee, when Terry pulled down Mr. Rooney in the penalty box, in that crucial 2 min stoppage time, just because the referee thought it wasn’t a penalty and you thought it was. And I can bet, you still, till date, feel that one whistle at that time could have made the difference. Isn’t it!!!

“This child doesn’t even feel hungry.”   how many times have you realized your mom is shouting at you having a dish in her hand asking you to grab it and eat its content while you are busy watching the last few minutes of your favourite sport. And how would that divine lady understand that we have had enough of our nails while watching that nail biting stuff and feeling no more hungry.


Are you a sports lover..!!!??? Okay…………Raise your hands if you have never watched that 2002 NatWest final again (highlights or full recording)..raise your hands if you never felt your heart crying and feelings flowing down your throat and chest listening to Shaquille O’Neal on his retirement,  watching glimpses of his brilliance in his career…raise your hands if you have never clinched your fist when MSD smashed that ball out of the park to lift the world cup trophy…raise your hands if you have never found a tear rolling down your face in admiration of your great sports hero and his heroic achievements…(no matter how many times you watch it.)…raise your hands if you have never shouted out your anger (or happiness) when Messi kicks the ball hard and you find the back of the net moving…raise your hands if you have never been superstitious just because you want that match…you want your team to win…you want it badly..I went to the loo 9 times in the Pakistan innings of the 2011 cricket world cup semi-finals…just because this act promised me that there is a Pak’s wicket coming soon…I charged my already charged cell phone for 3 more hours…because as soon as I started doing this…the Indian innings came back on track…after the initial slump…in the finals…answer it to yourself people…how many times have you wore that same t-shirt without washing because you feel , it would be helpful in winning your team a match, that you are watching on your TV set, sitting in your room…raise your hands if you have never done these things before…!

If all hands are down, I would say every person reading this post is a true sports lover.  Whichever game you like, just watch it with passion, watch it with devotion, watch it with sincerity, watch it with grace….just take out some time and watch it, because you really think that watching ‘that ’(every) particular match will make a difference.

Even if you don’t watch baseball, or hockey or anything that is not among your favourite, I know you still desire that your team, your country emerge victorious…no matter you keep saying to yourself “oh I damn care about this game…I know my team is going to lose.”…but somewhere in the back of your mind, you are still hoping and praying for your team to win…waiting that when you come back to home after work…you find the news saying that you have won. You do care about Saina Nehwal’s rankings, you actually want to know if Tiger Woods will walk along that green carpet, carrying his golf stick anymore…you need sports…don’t you!!!

So people just bring that sports-keeda in you, alive. Let that grow and nourish because it is very important to live sports, feel sports. The only message from me is JUST BE A SPORT and enjoy life. Be proud to be a sports lover.

I am Vartul Agrawal. An engineering graduate from (Dehradun)India.New to blogosphere but aspire to write quality stuff. I run my own blog <a href="">cricketring</a>
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