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Harper gets 96%, denied admissions into SRCC

Rahul Saraf
879   //    11 Jul 2011, 20:41 IST

Doosra: A second look at cricket.

Daryl Harper, who claimed to have got 96% of his decisions right in the 1st match of the recently concluded India-West Indies test series was denied admission into SRCC, which required him to be 100%. Harper who was still ‘harping’ on India’s stand against him, also lamented not being from the OBC which denied him sure-shot admissions into the esteemed college. Haroon Lorgat, CEO of ICC also jumped into the debate by blaming India and by saying Harper shouldn’t have quit, thus indirectly implying that another of Harper’s decision (the decision to quit) was wrong. Harper however, found support from David Becham, who said that people sometimes do outrageous things. To prove his point, Beckham even named his daughter Harper Seven, as a tribute to Daryl.

Meanwhile in the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey lecture at Lord’s, Micheal Holding joined a host of people in blaming BCCI for all evils in cricket. When asked why he was even lecturing on the spirit of cricket, when he himself was once guilty of kicking the stumps in disgust after a few line calls went against him, Holding started whispering something, before he dropped dead silent. This confused many youngsters who haven’t seen the legend bowl, as to why exactly was he called ‘Whispering Death’.


There was supposed to be a funny caption here, but in a case of 'genuine human error', the broadcasters published the wrong caption

Also continuing to make news this week is the continuing tussle between Shahid Afridi and Ijaz Butt. Things continued to get uglier and a legal battle looks on the cards. Afridi’s lawyer, Syed Ali Zaffar called the PCB chairman a loose cannon. In a candid moment with SportsKeeda, Zaffar admitted he got the idea of linking ‘Butt’ to ‘loose cannon’ after watching the Bollywood movie Delhi Belly.

Meanwhile, this week also saw the birthday of Mahindra Singh Dhoni on July 7. The whole nation greeted him on his birthday, and the media branded Mahi as India’s most successful captain. This week also saw the birthday of Saurav Ganguly on July 8. The whole nation greeted him on his birthday, and the media branded Dada as.. err India’s most successful captain.

Apart from the many wishes, Dhoni also got various gifts from fans. The one which he cherishes the most is a sketch book which he received. Dhoni now likes to draw!

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