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Has Stuart Broad ever bowled a bouncer?

892   //    20 Jul 2011, 10:10 IST

Nobody should ever be allowed to read cricket news on an empty stomach. Nobody should ever read cricket news involving Stuart Broad on an empty stomach with a headache.

England’s bowling coach David Saker seems to be taking the same sort of heavy medication as Arsene Wenger.

“We want him to be the enforcer in our team. There is no better bowler in the world than Stuart at bowling bouncers.”

Yes, don’t rub your eyes, don’t call your optometrist in a panic, don’t phone your shrink. You read that right. Stuart Broad bowling bouncers. I watch a bit of cricket, not a lot, but a bit and in all my years of watching cricket I don’t think I’ve ever seen Stuart Broard bowl a bouncer. I’ve seen him throw a tantrum, I’ve seen him be hit for six sixes by Yuvraj Singh and I’ve seen him colossally fuck up against the Netherlands, but I have never seen Stuart Broad bowl a bouncer.

So I did a search on YouTube. I found a lot of the Yuvi over. Obviously. But I also found this:

See that line through the ‘bouncer’ bit? Yeah, that means no evidence of this exists.

Saker has also obviously never watched Dale Steyn or Fidel Edwards bowl.

Stuart Broad might be alright as a bowler, you don’t get to play international Test cricket being shit, but bloody hell. The best bowler in the world when he bowls bouncer?  You need to be able to bowl those first before Saker can spew such bile.

If anybody has any evidence of Broad bowling a bouncer, please email them to me.

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