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ICC brings in severe sanctions for ball tampering and abusing

338   //    03 Jul 2018, 13:34 IST

Australia v England - Fourth Test: Day 4

The 75th ICC Annual conference that took place in Dublin last weekend made way for a few changes in the ICC Code of Conduct. It has been confirmed that there will be strong sanctions for ball tampering and personal abuse. There were sanctions announced for a few new offences and a few existing offences had its sanctions revised.

In order to reduce personal abuses or sledging, the stump microphone guidelines have also been changed. The new rule suggests that the stump microphone audio will be broadcasted throughout the match.

If a player is involved in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage by cheating and personal abuse of other players, he will be charged with level 2 and level 3 depending on the offence. If there is an audible obscenity or a player disobeys umpire's instructions, he will be charged under level 1.

If a player tries to change the condition of the ball, ie. ball tampering, he will be charged under level 3 (earlier it used to be level 2). The maximum sanction for a Level 3 offence has been increased from 8 suspension points to 12 suspension points, which equals to six Test matches and 12 ODIs.

The match referees will now hear Level 1, 2 and 3 charges with a Judicial Commissioner. According to the new rule, players or support staff have to lodge an appeal fee in advance if they want to appeal a sanction or a decision made by the match referee. The appeal fee will be fully refundable if the appeal is successful.

The Board also agreed to consider how the member boards can be held liable for its players’ behaviour with appropriate sanctions to be imposed on boards when the accumulated number of offences by its players exceed certain thresholds.

All of the above will be incorporated into the Code of Conduct for adoption later this year.