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India vs Sri Lanka vs Me

2.44K   //    09 Aug 2010, 16:04 IST
India vs Sri Lanka

India vs Sri Lanka

India versus Sri Lanka. I now remember the squads, shirt numbers, players’ wives’ names, players’ kids’ names and bat manufacturers better than my one times table.They play with each other a million times every five days but the commentators insist that Indian batsmen cannot face Mendis well. They insist Malinga can never be handled well. All this, even when they play so many times, my eyes can only see shades of blue now.

So what is the solution? I say never let these two teams even look at each other for the next decade and even ban Sri Lankans from playing in the IPL and Indians from going to Sri Lanka to cure various injuries.Unfortunately, I’m not the head of the cricketing board so, we get to see a special appearance by the Kiwis in Lanka who will play some matches in between, while Dhoni and Sangakarra continue to fight it out.

I sometimes wonder. Do they ever get confused about what their nationality is? One could easily think he is Sri Lankan or Indian. I’m sure that both sets of tams know each other so well, they can recognise each other by hearing their footsteps.But thankfully, at the end of the coming tri series, the India-Sri Lanka saga will be over. But we’ll still have to wait three more dreadful years for the Twilight one to end. But thats another story.

India will be hosting the Kangaroos and then the Sri Lankans will hitch a ride and go with the Aussies to fight it out Down Under.It gives me great pleasure in saying that India will not be in Sri Lanka’s group in the coming World Cup. Who would’ve thought about it?But there would be some things I would miss. Malinga’s action for instance. It all begins with a kiss to the ball, then a smooth and graceful run up, then a sling that would shock God himself. Mendis’ spirited batting. Just when you thought the tail hath arrived, it wags right in your face.Jayawardene’s nonchalant style. He makes batting look so easy, I feel like batting left handed.

And, of course, Dilshan’s beard.

Ah, dash it. How about another round of the blue brigade? Here’s to a Sri Lanka-India World Cup final.

"I never play cricket. It requires one to assume such indecent postures." - Oscar Wilde
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