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Is Nepal receiving enough aid from the Cricket fraternity?

1.63K   //    26 May 2015, 20:11 IST
Nepal was badly affected by the Earthquake

The game of cricket assumes a humane face in times of natural disaster or calamity. No matter whether the affected country plays the game or not, the cricket fraternity always ensures that it contributes as much as possible to help the affected nation come out of the said humanitarian crisis. In recent times, the two small nations, Nepal and Vanuatu have been the victims of nature’s fury.

Two months back, Vanuatu – the small nation situated in the South Pacific Ocean was ravaged due to a deadly cyclone – Pam. It killed more than 2 dozen people and damaged a lot of houses as well. The incident took place during the last week of the Cricket World Cup 2015 and the ICC provided a lot of support to the nation at that time. The ICC tied up with the UNICEF to help normalcy being restored in this small island-country, located just a few nautical miles away from the Cricket playing nations of Australia and New Zealand. The country is recovering slowly, but the people are yet to come out of the trauma.

A part of the 2015 cricket world cup proceeds have been remitted to Vanuatu in order to help the little Pacific nation rebuild again. The cricket fraternity has wholeheartedly come forward and contributed towards rehabilitation works of the affected country. Cricket Australia (CA) and New Zealand Cricket (NZC) offered a financial assistance of more than whooping $250,000 USD to speed up the reconstruction process of this nature ravaged island. The cyclone Pam wreaked havoc to Vanuatu to a massive extent earlier this year. More than 2 dozens lives and a lot of properties have already been lost due to Vanuatu Cyclone.

And then, the devastating April 25 Earthquake of Nepal caused a huge damage to the properties and loss of human lives as well. The nation is finding it tough to come to grips with each passing day. Meanwhile, the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) has come forward to help the nation out of the nature’s fury. India’s apex cricket body will lend various supports to its small Himalayan neighbor towards providing coaching and training support to Nepali cricketers.

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal: The fact file

  1. An independent and sovereign country that shares its boundaries with India and China.
  2. Mount Everest, a perfect spot for mountaineering, is located in the country.
  3. Nepal’s history can be traced to some 2500 years back.
  4. India has close political and cultural ties with Kathmandu, its capital.
  5. Cricket and Football are the most popular sports in Nepal.
  6. Nepal’s performance in Cricket has been pretty good in the last few years; they got the official status to play T-20Is in 2014.

Apart from India, Nepal didn’t get much support from other big cricket playing nations. Nepal’s damage due to earthquake has been the biggest one in the last 8 decades. The Cricket fraternity needs to contribute more in this regard. However, Bhawana Ghimire, the chief executive of the Cricket Association of Nepal seemed satisfied with the kind of support and wishes that he is receiving in the aftermath of the earthquakes. He has recently stated to the media that Nepal is getting a lot of wishes and support from all parts of the globe.

Nepal cricket website also appeals to fans to donate with whatever they can to help the nation bring smiles to the faces of its people. Fans are advised to visit the official website of various social organizations to contribute for this noble humane cause. 

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