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Justice Mudgal urges BCCI to look into DDCA's affair

Kaushal Raj
457   //    12 Jul 2016, 13:48 IST
Feroz Shah Kotla
Stuggle for Ferozshah Kotla to regain international standards

Justice Mukul Mudgal, the Delhi High Court appointed observer to oversee the conduct of the World T20 has presented his report on the Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA) and has advised the BCCI to moniter the functioning of the cricket body by appointing a CEO immediately. The CEO would be responsible in looking after the administrative and financial aspects of DDCA to ensure transparency in its functioning. 

He presented a scathing 27 page report revealing several flaws in the overall functioning of the cricket body. The questions presented in the report include the credibility of DDCA’s Vice-President CK Khanna, deficiencies in the maintenance of accounts, payments made to third parties, ticketing and accreditation issues and the selection policy. He further pointed out that despite being formed in 1883, the reasons why any match scheduled in the Ferozshah Kotla is subject to last minute clearances and permissions is a matter of concern. 

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Regarding CK Khanna, as per V (B), the report reads, "The most pernicious influence affecting DDCA's administration is ever present MR CK Khanna, who is vice-president of DDCA for several years and also happens to be Vice president of BCCI, though from Central Zone. He controls large number of proxies and accordingly has strong hold in DDCA. He excels in evading responsibility and claiming credit for an achievement by someone else. His paramount interests are peddling of complementaries to gain favours and satisfy proxy interest, and mounting dais repeatedly for presentations. He craves for every photo opportunity” Further, he pointed out that CK Khanna is involved in a conflict of interest. "He has planted his relatives in various positions in DDCA, for example a) Anil Khanna (general Secretary, first cousin) b) Ravi Khanna, Patron (brother) c) Vivek Gupta, Joint Secretary (Wife's first cousin). 

Further, he pointed out that there were no proper records maintained by the DDCA, not even maintaining proper records of the players representing Delhi. “Internal Audit has pointed out various deficiencies in maintenance of accounts, record keeping, systems and procedures, internal controls, information system and also payments made to various parties which are not in compliance with financial manual” the report read. 

High time for BCCI to step in

"It is advisable that the DDCA has a full-time CEO, who independently looks after administrative and financial aspects of DDCA to ensure continuity and smooth functioning of DDCA. BCCI, as a parent body, must ensure that DDCA is transparent in its functioning as it is a public body responsible for promoting cricket in Delhi. It is for BCCI to decide whether to constitute a specialised ad-hoc body or a committee to take over and manage the affairs of DDCA to improve situation in the interest of cricket so that Feroz Shah again becomes a venue which has international standards of upkeep," he concluded his report saying. 

This is the latest in a number of high-profile criticisms of the DDCA and it is a matter of concern for the BCCI, who will have to take action immediately. 

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