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Score Cricket 11: The New Dream Fantasy Cricket Game With Zero Entry Fee

An introduction to the latest fantasy cricket game with real money payouts.

Feature 14 May 2018, 15:22 IST


Score Cricket 11 is a fantasy cricket game made for cricket lovers by Flixy Games. The fantasy cricket game has no entry fee and everyone can play for free to win cash and coins, including residents of Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim and Telangana by downloading it on Google Play Store.

After creating an account, game participants can join a contest by creating a team of 11 players from the pool. Cricketers have no cost, hence game participants have full freedom to select the dream players of his/her choice. Your team must fulfil the following criteria :-

·     Exactly 1 player in the team should be a designated wicketkeeper.

·     At least 3 and at most 5 players should be selected as batsmen.

·     At least 1 and at most 3 players should be selected as all-rounders.

·     At least 3 and at most 5 players should be selected as bowlers.

·     The team should have at least 4 players from each team.

·     Select 1 player as Captain and 1 player as Vice-captain. Both Captain and Vice-captain cannot be the same player. The points scored by the Captain in a match is multiplied by 3, i.e 3X and the points scored by the Vice-captain in a match is multiplied by 2, i.e 2X.

Participants can make as many changes as they want before the scheduled start time of the match. For example, if a cricket match starts at 8 pm, you can make as many changes to your team before it starts. After the scheduled start-time, the teams are locked and no further changes are possible, even if the match is delayed due to certain circumstances. Changes made by the participants to a team will affect all the contests that the team is part of. You can view the teams created by other participants in a contest for a match after the scheduled start time for the match.

Once a match starts, the participant can view real-time score updates. Based on the performance of the cricketers selected, points are awarded as shown.


For every run scored ➡️ 1 point

For every 4 hit ➡️ 2 points

For every 6 hit ➡️ 3 points

For runs from 50 to 99 ➡️ 10 points 

For runs from 100 to 149 ➡️ 20 points

For 150 or more runs ➡️ 35 points

For Duck ➡️-10 points


For every wicket taken ➡️ 20 points

For 3-wicket haul ➡️ 10 points

For 4-wicket haul ➡️ 20 points

For 5 wickets or more ➡️ 35 points

For every "extra" given ➡️ -2 points

For every maiden ➡️20 points

For every dot ball bowled ➡️ 1 point


For every catch ➡️ 10 points

For every stumping ➡️ 10 points

For every run-out ➡️ 10 points

For playing in a match ➡️ 4 points

The sum of all points of the players in the team selected by the participant is pitted against other participants in a leaderboard where they can view the real-time performance of their fantasy team in a contest. Based on the rankings on the leaderboard, game participants get rewarded in real cash or coins. The coins can be used to redeem cool gifts like Amazon echo, Nintendo Switch, Amazon gift cards, Mi Fitness band and other items from the Score Cricket 11 Store.

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