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Split innings in One Day International : Too experimental?

mohit sinha
689   //    18 Aug 2010, 16:45 IST

Cricket Australia has approved a controversial four innings 45-over format for the new domestic season inspite of the severe criticism by the players. The format surely looks interesting to a bored and sullen spectator whose has been fed up with too many ODI matches in a calendar year but senior cricket players are wary of this new-found way of experimenting with format of the game.



The new format includes 45 overs per team with split innings of 20 and 25 overs, a maximum of 12 overs by any one bowler and 10 wickets per team and 12 players per team (teams can bat any 11 of the 12 and field any 11 of the 12) among other changes.

The format would allow a maximum of two bouncers per over and a new ball from each end at the start of the innings. There won’t be any replacement new balls or power plays.

As for the fielding restrictions, only two fielders would be allowed outside the circle between the first and fifth over and the 21st to 25th overs, while four would be allowed between the sixth and 20th over and 26th and 45th over.

CA chief executive officer  James Sutherland maintains that split innings would lead to a sense of “cat and mouse” and provide strategy and thrilll to the game. However, on the other side, purists may like to argue that the game may fall  victim to too much sophistication. In the wake of T20 hype, which surely paved the way to Dilshan scoops and what-not and compromised the quality of the game, this further “innovation” may totally be uncalled for. Players will need to “adapt” to this form, and presence of so-many formats of the game will surely add to confusion and preparation-woes among other things.

many see T20 as the new face of the  cricket with its football-like premier leagues and all, I would like to emphasize that Ashes continue to entertain cricket fans from world over and 50-over world cups are far more encapturing than their 20-20 counterparts. So, it is not always the change that works like a charm.

Will this newest venture to cater to public demands totally ignoring the players be successful? I have doubts.

mohit sinha
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