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The beginning of the end for Australia

1.17K   //    26 Mar 2011, 11:32 IST

First Blood, the Loss of Measure:

For those, who could not see it coming, when India won CB series in 2008. Punter said after losing second final that guys were disappointed of shot selection. Simpler words- ‘guys’ were confused whether to attack or to defend. Gilly and company got out playing attacking shots off good balls.

For those, who could not see it when Hayden called Harbhajan some obnoxious little weed on a radio channel. The hunter turned into the pray. The sledge boomeranged.

Sydney-gate. It made Australia confused whether it was right and ethical, that they were doing. It made India stand up for itself.

Oz were confused. With sledging. With batting. THEY HAD LOST THE MEASURE. They simply did not know.

That was a beginning. To this beginning.

The inevitable, the loss of Belief:

There were some who could not see how near was the end when Punter was breaking TV sets after getting out. When punter was going mad over umpires. When punter was going mad on field over his players.

Punter was going mad. It wasn’t his fault. It isn’t easy. Not easy at all to see the fall. From a team which was seen in astonishment by the rest of the world to a team who has been able to beat only one test playing team in world cup, even that is called New Zealand.

There are people who still can’t see it when India has drubbed Australia in QF.



It’s in the manner of the loss. Australia got close and just when they had the chance, their bowlers (including BeeLee) screwed up. THEY HAVE LOST THE BELIEF TOO.

There are many other examples, of this loss-of-faith but I think I have made my point.

The beginning of the end:

So, this is, finally, if anyone has missed out on it, it’s for sure, the beginning of the end for the Australia.

Punter, the last general of the empire, will be gone soon.

It’s all over. It’s all over for the era of Australian cockiness, the sleazy sledge method. They had lost the measure long back. The loss of belief was just a natural progression. It’s formal now – The method of sleazy sledge, which brought them out of oblivion in late 1980s, is past expiry now.

It’s the end of everything that my generation knew of Australia.

And Yet a new beginning:

Well, possibly, it could be. 

“We learn facts, not rules”- NNT

The fact is- ‘Australia are gone’. The rule is- ‘it is cyclic’.

Apollonian-Dionysian. Seasons of 2007-08 were creatively destructive . These seasons may prove destructively creative for Australia.

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