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The Best Ever Left Handed Batsman?

In my time of watching I have seen some very fine left handed batsmen.Though who would you say is the best one?

Here are some options

Garfield Sobers (West Indies)
Like Pollock,Sobers was pure genius.He had it all as a batsman the style,the power and the technique.He could truly dismember any attack or play a backs to the wall innings like as seen against a rampant John Snow on a minefield pitch in 1968 in Jamaica.Where he got 113.He held the highest score record until beaten recently by Lara and Hayden and some of his innings were truly the stuff that didn’t belong in the mortal realm.Look up his 254 in 1971 at the MCG for proof of this.

Graeme Pollock (South Africa)
Im the hugest Pollock fan having seen him play first hand when I was in South Africa between 1964-66.The guy was a true genious and was truly unstoppable when in form.He was a breath taking strokeplayer with his trademark being a cover drive that had such power and placement that he’d fit it through the eye of a needle to rattle the picket.Then his pulling was lethal too.In fact all his shots were pure majesty and raw power.Sadly at the peak of his powers at 26 the ban on South Africa deprived us of seeing his genius from 1970 onwards.
Despite this his average is second only to Bradman’s

Neil Harvey (Australia)
Like the previous two gentlemen,Harvey was an attacking maestro and in truth a delight to watch.He was a member of the 1948 Invincibles and then after retirements of the icons from that team.He was the star batsmen throughout the 1950′s.He was the epitome of what makes a player great in regards to he always performed when the conditions weren’t favourable or his team under the cosh.He had all the shots and some of his own and many view him as Australia’s best batsman after Bradman.

David Gower (England)
This great English left hander could have been seen as one of the game but through his extravagence and some labelled laziness his figures weren’t as good as they could have been.Though this aside my word this boy could play! He was that elegant you could watch him all day.He had all the shots,but I loved his pull which was akin to a dismissive swat.For pure domination it’s hard to go past his 215 against the Aussies in 1985.Where he belted the Aussies all over Birmingham.

Allan Border (Australia)
If you wanted someone to bat for you in a crisis.Its hard to go past Allan Border for he never ever let Australia down.He was almost ugly to watch,but my word was he effective.Whether against pace or spin he excelled.It must be said that though his record was truly exceptional-what might it have been if he played in a good side or wasn’t burdened with the captaincy? For some of the God damned awful sides he played in the 1980′s meant for Australia-it was Border or no one.

Clive Lloyd (West Indies)
This guy was the hardest hitting batsman I think I have ever seen especially in regards to his pulling or cutting.Though don’t let this fool you this great West Indian could seriously bat.His epic century in the 1975 World Cup is testimony to his pedigree.

Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)
A current day player that in my opinion never gets the credit he deserves.The reason given is that he hasn’t performed away from Sri Lanka.Though that’s hardly his fault for the ICC rarely schedules Sri Lanka away from home in Tests.He has it all in regards to technique,style and temperament.I think he will end his career with an incredible record.

Brian Lara (West Indies)
Absolute genius of a batsman who when in the mood.Its hard to think of a better and more dominating batsman than Lara.His mauling of Muttiah Muralitharan on doctored pitches in Sri Lanka in 01/2. When he had Hepatitis was of the highest calibre.That has rarely been seen in the games history.He holds the highest ever score in a Test innings and is one of the all time greats

Bill Lawry (Australia)
This opening batsman for Australia is best remembered for his commentary in retirement.Though in his career he was a very fine opening batsman of the traditional defence first mentality.

Matt Hayden (Australia)
The great Aussie opening batsman of this era who was one of the most dominating opening batsmen the game has seen.He was known for his technique and raw power and when he hit them.Boy……did they stay hit.He excelled in most places and his reputation was greatly enhanced in his performances in a place where Australia has traditionally struggled in India.

Saeed Anwar (Pakistan)
This very elegant opening batsman was in truth one very fine player that never quite got the respect his performances deserved.His wrists should be put in a cricket museum for they were so famous for his wristy flicks.He was a classical player relying more on timing than brute power.

So who would you pick as the best left handed batsman ever?

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