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Bad Journalism: The real truth behind Steve Smith’s image from a New York Bar

11.51K   //    26 Jun 2018, 21:52 IST

The viral image of an "unwanted" Steven Smith from a local New York pub

What's the story

Bad times and bad luck continues to haunt former Australia captain Steven Smith, despite it being nearly four months since the shocking ball-tampering scandal that shook the entire world in terms of the game.

Paparazzis who are constantly on the prowl to gain attention had recently snapped Smith in a New York pub, having beer all by himself and that has become one of the main hot news in the past couple of days, in what was a very big and shameful example of bad and negative journalism.

The details

As we all know, Steve Smith had made international headlines for all the wrong reasons on the back of the ball-tampering scandal, but it was as if the worst was yet to come; and it finally came out yesterday.

"Disgraced Smith a sad sight in New York," thus said headlines that ran across several dailies, both online and print, as the media feasted like vultures on the hapless Australian ex-captain. And it gets worse - the "news" was covered as an exclusive.

"While his former team-mates were being embarrassed by the arch-enemy in England, the one man who might have been able to save the Australian cricket team was forlornly nursing a beer in a dingy New York bar," the News Corp report read.

The truth, however is far from what is being circulated. A close friend of Smith, Gus Worland, who has been working with the elite batsman through the charity "Gotcha4Life", explained that the exiled cricketer had just attended a catch-up with Australian actor Hugh Jackman when he decided to stop for a cold one on the way home.

"He’s been doing some work with Gotcha4Life with me and my foundation and talking to school kids, being really honest and vulnerable and talking to these boys,’’ Worland said. "I know that he’s saved lives doing that. I know that 100 per cent for sure. As everyone knows, and we joke about it on here, Hugh Jackman is my best mate, he is also on the board of Gotcha4Life and was concerned for him (Steve)," he added.

Smith is spending a few days in the States before heading up to Toronto in the fledgling Global T20 competition, which begins in Canada on Thursday, where he will be joined by David Warner. Prior to the event, Smith is also scouting for places for accommodation for the time he will be in North America. The New York visit was an apparent effort with the same aim.

Worland is mightily displeased with the way news has been circulating about his friend. "Why are they having this on and having a double-spread making him sound as if he’s all sad his wife’s over the other part of the world and stuff? It’s just bad, gutter journalism for mine," he said.


Since being published, there has been a national backlash that has bashed the report in defense of Smith’s innocence. Even a large group of News Corp journalists let their feelings be known, quite strongly in fact.

In case you didn't know...

The ball-tampering fiasco that happened in late March this year, while the Australians were touring South Africa, was received by everyone in absolute shock, anger and displeasure.

In a bid to mark itself clean amidst all the allegations, Cricket Australia called for the immediate exile of Smith and compatriots David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, who were found guilty. The trio were barred from participating in International Cricket for a whole year. Smith was also stripped of his captaincy duties.

Meanwhile, in their absence, Australia has suffered a humbling 5-0 whitewash at the hands of England, in the recently concluded away tour. The series saw England record a score of 481 in one ODI innings, creating a world record.

The Aussies were absolutely clueless against the English opposition.

What's next

Steven Smith has since been trying to fight his way out of all the misery and misfortune that the entire series of events had dumped on him. In an effort to help, several boards including the Caribbean and Canada boards had invited him to participate in T20 leagues conducted by them. The visit to New York is also supposedly on preparation to life in Canada, where the fledgling T20 league will begin shortly.

What do you think about bad and defaming news being published about Smith? Do you think he deserves so much slack? Let us know in the comments below: