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Behind every successful man there is a woman: The story of Aleem Dar

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aleem dar
Aleem Dar has earned a reputation as one of the best

There is an old saying that is sometimes bantered around whenever a man accomplishes something great – 'Behind every successful man, there is a woman.' This is one story that will be narrated for years to come.

This act will make you believe that the support of a strong family can provide a foundation for a man’s success.

The story of Aleem Dar

Cricket is not as easy as we think. There are a lot of sacrifices that are needed to be made to live the dream. Like cricketers, umpires are an integral part of the game of cricket. They too are an important pillar of the game.

Umpiring is not just about giving wides, no-balls, and calling it an over. Their role is much more than that. Though technology is important, it is impossible to get the same feel of cricket without umpires.

Dar’s daughter passed away during the 2003 World Cup

Widely regarded for his umpiring standards, Aleem Dar is one such pillar who never ceased to amaze me with his accuracy of decisions, lack of drama, and out-of-the-box professionalism.

When Dar was officiating during the 2003 World Cup in South Africa, his daughter Javeria, who suffering from epilepsy, passed away.

The news kept under wraps

Aleem Dar with his family (Source: mid-day)

Noshaba Banu, Dar's wife, ensured that the news didn’t reach him throughout the tournament. This was just to let him concentrate on his umpiring. She did not want the tragedy to devastate him emotionally.

Just before the semi-finals, the delayed news reached him through some fans of the Pakistan cricket team. A stunned Dar took the next flight home. Had she not kept the news under wraps, things could have been different today.


ICC Umpire of the Year

Eventually, the World Cup turned to be a high point in his career. Despite the devastating loss, Dar didn’t give up and continued officiating in cricket matches.

The sacrifice had clearly paid dividends as not only was Aleem Dar the 'ICC Umpire of the Year' in 2009, 2010, and 2011 but he also became one of the most respected umpires of the world.

Sometimes, it takes sacrifice to achieve it all

The cricketing fraternity hardly gets time to experience the 'family' life which we take for granted. Some handle the 'sacrifice' better than the others while others simply hide it better. Also, it is not easy in these modern times where technology checks your decisions through television replays from different angles.

If this cannot motivate the youngsters in Pakistan to play the game in the right spirit, I don't know what will.

So, let's take a step back and appreciate all the sacrifices made by all the 'gentlemen’ of the game.

Here is the video of him speaking about that fateful incident:

What Happened When the Daughter of Aleem Dar... by Viral__Videos

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