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Umpire’s toolkit: Some of the most commonly used devices by umpires

Modified 03 Sep 2018
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The job of an on-field umpire is the most tedious of all tasks that are done in the cricket field. It is a job that requires the highest levels of concentration. Be it starting the match on time, checking if a bowler has over-stepped or giving the correct decision to an LBW appeal, an umpire’s job is a monotonous and difficult one. 

The advent of technology, to a larger extent, does not make his life easier. His endless job list includes keeping track of the number of balls bowled, checking the size of the ball and checking the lighting in the field. There are a few devices that help him in this regard. They are listed below.

#1 The Umpire counter:


It is a device used by the umpire to keep track of the number of balls bowled by a bowler in an over. The image above shows the different kinds of umpire counters. As seen in the image, the device consists of a rotatable wheel, which on rotated increases the ball count.

In the same manner, it also has wheels to keep track of the overs bowled and wickets that have fallen. The umpire after every ball is bowled has to rotate the wheel that increases the ball count and after every over has to increase the wheel that is responsible for the overcount.

This device can count up to 99 overs and that makes it suitable to use it in any format of the game. Moreover, the wheels in the device can only be rotated in one direction so that the user doesn't get confused and rotate in the opposite direction.

This is one device that has undergone many changes as the game has evolved. Before this device was used, umpires used marbles to count the number of balls. The umpire would have six marbles in one hand and after each ball is bowled, he moves one marble to the other hand. When the marble count reduces to zero it signifies that one over is complete.

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Published 03 Sep 2018, 15:45 IST
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