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Three major changes that cricket could undergo in the future 

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With the passage of time, everything undergoes some progression, be it slow-going or swift. Who would have thought that a children's game 150 years before will change its colour into one of the most followed global sport? Progression and evolution is a fundamental law of nature; nothing can escape from it.

The Gentlemen's game has undergone a tremendous alteration; the grounds, the players, the fundings, the technologies, the equipment, the spectators and the craze for the sport, a significant change in every aspect of the sport has occurred. As a matter of certainty, cricket will also bear new flowers in the upcoming years. The development of science and technology will have a major role to play in the gradual evolution of cricket in the future.

Now, let us take a look at the three changes that cricket could undergo in the future ahead:

#3 Stadiums with closed roof

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The closed-roof stadium is one of the most likely changes to occur in the near future. The closed-roof stadiums will play a vital role in eliminating most types of match interruptions, including rain and bad light, ultimately putting an end to all the unfair decisions that are taken as a result of the limitations of DLS or VJD method.

Cricket has already witnessed such a stadium in Australia, and no one should be surprised if similar stadiums are built in each major cricketing nation within a decade. Luckily If the change had occurred a few decades ago, South Africa could possibly lift their maiden World Cup trophy, without having to chase 22 runs off one ball.

#2 The downfall of Test cricket and rise of T20/T10 leagues

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Days after days, the world is growing more competitive and busier. This could lead to the downfall of Test cricket as people will not have time to watch a full Test match for five days.

Thus, shorter formats of the game could get higher priority due to people's busy day-to-day life. T20 and T10 leagues are sure to get more attention because the level of entertainment they provide is immense and those matches generally conclude in less than 4 hours.

So, we don't need to get surprised if the IPL, Big Bash League, Pakistan Super League, Natwest T20 Blast and other T20 leagues rule the cricketing world in the near future.


#1 Artificial synthetic pitches


Artificial synthetic pitches are already in practice in indoor cricket. The artificial pitches remain in the same condition throughout the game and equally assists the bowlers during any part of the game. So, we could see such pitches coming in practice in T20 leagues and international T20 matches.

Artificial pitches make the T20 matches even more interesting and fun as both the teams will receive equal benefits from the pitch. Generally, synthetic pitches are spongy to assist the spinners and have a layer of artificial grass to assist the pace bowlers.